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Custom button plates, paddles and all that for OSW

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Pär Öqvist, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. I am going for an OSW setup and am looking for solution for buttons, paddles. My DIY skills is seriously limited.

    Currently I run a srw-s1 as button box on the wheel which works great but need a solution for paddles and yeah maybe a nicer looking button box also. I am not all that vane feel when racing is more important but sure when all else look professional it would feel a bit sad to have to use the SRW-S1 though when you race it don´t really matter. Going the sam maxwell route is tempting as it would be an easy way to solve the paddle issue and little risk of getting issues with torn cables getting stuck during rotation. If I am lucky I can get a button box that work both with my 365 mm Momo Classic and a Momo mod 30 if my current RMD Malaga 320 mm doesn´t cut it. Is there any more button plate builders in europe perhaps?

    One specific odd requirement is I don´t want the wheel to make a lot of noise!
    I read one review stating that SMC:s paddles is more quiet in operation then the T500RS paddles so that is promising.

    As for paddles there is the Aschers which is expensive but supposedly great. Question is how noisy are they? If I can find a good solution for a controller to hook them up to. I been told the DSD 32-bit controller would hook right up to to the Aschers with no soldering but then I need to make a box for it and find a way to mount the controller to the wheel.

    I am afraid I will do it bad ending destroying the cables and it will soon get more expensive then a complete maxwell button plate setup. The bluetooth solutions seem to all require soldering. Also I must admit I am old I don´t trust wireless much. Bad battery and you loose a race or bluetooth get confused for a second you double shift and wreck the engine. Anybody here running these bluetooth setups is it 100 % reliable?

    Any solutions I have not found yet that I should think about?
  2. Hej Pär, snabb fråga... eller opps tar det på engelska =)

    What was wrong with the RMD wheel?
  3. Nothing at all wrong with my RMD wheel. I will keep it as my 320 mm option for now. I will not buy anymore suede wheels though wear to fast now it´s essentially a leather wheel. Still feels nice though :)

    This issue is hard. you have to count to pay 300$ or more on just paddle shifters alone. Ascher paddles which I first denied because they was so expensive is actually cheap...

    So far I found the ecci paddles, aschers. Sam Maxwell but don´t know if he make boards with just paddles it can be a good alternative I think too if he does. There is some Samfoi and the leo bodnar shifters too on the upper spectrum. Samfoi if it includes the usb controller and all it´s not to bad.

    Is it possible to hook up the ascher paddles to a SRW S1? Same connectors or different?
  4. Not sure that it is possible to hook up paddle shifters to the SRW S1 as I dont have one but I can ask a friend (vi har en Svensk Sim Racing Hårdvaru chat om du vill vara med) about that as he has modded his SRW a lot.

    When it comes to buying paddle shifters I am going to buy the Fanatec CRS Elite F1 wheel as it is only €100 and take the parts from that or mod it so I can use it on my up coming OSW. On the iRacing forums there is many people that have converted that rim to use on their OSW.

  5. It´s a bit small. need at least 280 mm but don´t feel like a man before getting to at least 300 or above ;)

    Yeah please pm me the link to that chat :)
  6. Hi buddy,

    I am 99% sure there is a solution coming from Slongshot over on the iracing forums. I don't know much about it but I think you should email with this query and he will be of quality assistance to you, he's a good guy.

    PM me if you want his email.

    I have a lenze osw on the way but am going with joe for a mige a bit later for my second rig as he is going to be doing osw kits and parts like you're inquiring about State-side.

    All the very best

  7. I went with this solution in the end http://www.ascher-racing.com/shop/buttonplate-c20m/ Aschers paddles you can easilly dampen with some tape or similar against the magnet so hopefully it will be acceptable.

    I suspect I will really miss the D-pad in many games. Hopefully the SRW can go on as well if needed.
  8. Thanks for updating us @Pär Öqvist

    If anyone is looking for complete rims for their OSW check out Steve Spenceley, simfai solutions, hybrid racing simulations, Carsten filmer, and of course Sam Maxwell.

  9. HOLY F JUST SAW THE PRICE OF YOUR BUTTON PLATE, I wasn't expecting it to be that much. Ascher is good **** so I'm sure it's worth every 0.01€ just floored how much we all spend on sim gear :)

    Par, please update us with pictures of your build ! :D
  10. Thanks for trying to make me feel normal but I think you and me and some others are in the minority :D. It´s actually one of the cheaper offerings out so far. Simfai is competitive particularly if you live in Asia and don´t have to pay import fees. Sam Maxwell same for US residents. He does offer buttonplates without carbon fibre or backplate and cheaper paddles but there is a long wait time currently.

    Most want to play with expensive carbon fibre and super high quality buttons. The knitters on the Ascher is 9 GBP a piece I believe. Guess we must hope for Fanatec, Thrustmaster etc to produce more budget oriented button plates. Should be a market as more people go to directdrive wheels also those like me that don´t want the DIY.

  11. For sure, man I hear you.

    I'm lucky in a way, as no matter what car I am able to climb in over the next few years, the same steering wheel is used. Whoever can give me the best deal on this wheel made to be used for multiple simulations I will give my business too...but there are so many good wheel and component providers...even at this cost we are really spoiled to have such a good selection :)

    After that I have one other wheel I may need so it will still be expensive possibly, but at least a one time expense.
  12. Got home my QSP 300 mm and ascher plate today. A small disaster though my T500RS is to bulky to fit in between the paddle shifters so looks like I must wait on my OSW before I can use it unless there is some slimline adapter for the thrustmasters.

    I think it will work out fine but they didn´t really make the OSW wait any easier...
  13. Hi,
    can you please link to the thread in the IR forum? I already own an Fanatec Formula Rim and CSL P1 for the CSW.