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Misc Custom AI Difficulty Levels 1.1

A set of difficulty levels for AI with aprox. 0.5sec between laptimes.

  1. koeloe submitted a new resource:

    Custom AI difficulty levels - A set of difficulty levels for AI with aprox. 0.5sec between laptimes.

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  2. chianamik

    Premium Member

    -Thanks!. I do tests with these parameters. in the original game without mods, I drive the toro rosso and with difficulty intermediate overtaken by van der garde in a straight line at full throttle......:-((((((((((
  3. thanks man..i was rly tired of default difficulty difference..on proffessional i am 2sec faster then others and on expert i am 1 sec slower then others..this is great
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  4. Very good Job!! Thanks!! :)
    But can you find the xml file responsible for the speed of the AI in qualifying only?
    The change in track_model fields:

    in database.bin, does not work anymore! :(
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  5. Is possibile to set legend difficolty from 1.0 to 1.2? :thumbsdown:
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  6. No it doesn't work:(

    I think there are 3 ways to make Legend faster:

    You have to give all the ai cars more grip in the ctf files (all cars and all tracks...lots of work), or give the player less grip.

    Or tweak all the corners for all tracks to their optimum. (I think Hill is busy with that);)
  7. For give the player less grip, Can I set q1_grip, q2_grip, q3_grip, race_grip, tt_grip on database.bin?
    The change only affects for the player or for the AI too?
  8. Hi there - what parameters in the database did you change?
    I've tried to bring AI speed down a touch on Professional using track_difficulties (like in 2012) but it doesn't seem to work..

    Any ideas?
  9. Difficulty is not in the database this year, so you have to change in the files I uploaded. I don't know how to separate race and qualifying times so the only work-a-round I can think of is using a different level for qualifying as for race?
  10. Hi,
    thanks for this mod, it is working great.

    May i ask you a question. I am interested in the default difficulty values defined by CM, so I took a look at the original xml difficulties file from CM. But when i do this, there is no structure and not really a valid XML syntax noticeable. Instead, when i take a look at your xml file, everything is well structured and looks like a valid xml.
    How did you know, that you can structure the xml like you did and that this will take effect in the game?
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  11. I use Ryder BXML Converter. Once converted you can use the file as is. Just google and download, works very easy.:thumbsup:
  12. so expert difficulty is more competitive than the original game expert difficulty ??
  13. Yes, it is about 0,5 slower than Legend so it's about 1sec faster than the default Expert.
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  14. oh hahaha thank u sooo much !! just if you have the time can you update your expert difficulty so it can be faster than the default expert by 1.3 or 1.4 seconds thankssss :rolleyes:;)
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  15. Yes I am. Busy being the word........I'll get there.
  16. Is there a difficulty between pro and expert?
  17. So Im assuming lower values=slower AI?
    raising values up to 1.0= faster AI?
  18. Correct.
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  19. Default Expert and Pro differs about 1,5sec. So there are two levels between Expert and Pro. Just open the file with a text editor and change the values to your liking. A 0.05 change is about 0.5sec.
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