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Skins Cusco Subaru WRX STI NBR24 WRX 2013 1.0

Cusco Subaru WRX STI NBR24 WRX 2013

  1. This should be under skins, not cars, and you should link the mod, if it's a legitimate one.
  2. in this website you can post your skin because they are not illegal conversions.
    instead for car mod it is different because some conversions are illegal so if postatssi del'autoobile the link there is the risk of the ban from the site. so I can only posting or authorized by the website and I can not direct the user to extern links that violate the rules of the site.
  3. Either way, this should be under skins, not cars, and I only said you should link to the mod IF it's not an illegal conversion.
  4. for skins no for the simple reason that the skin is not illegal conversions but reproductions or creations from the user. and if in case the person you would like to download the mod can simply search on the internet. In fact, I reply:
    "unfortunately I can not post the link because the car is probably an illegal conversion."
  5. then place the car links only in the event that is unparalleled, it is not an illegal conversion

    "You should link the mod, unless it's an illegal conversion"

    "unless it's an illegal conversion"


    Either way, this should still be located in skins, not cars.
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