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Current gen only

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by museumsteve, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Was a bit disappointed to read this as I'd love it on Xbox One:-

    From MCV
    But I'll pick it up on PC as the cockpit cam is back :)
  2. but on a more positive note, (apparently) 4k textures for the PC version :)
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  3. Won't bother me too much since I'll play it on PC, but it does mean that it will still be at least held back some by its console brethren since it will be using an older engine. The positive note is that they are likely much further in the development than they're willing to divulge since the engine was primarily designed for the PS3 and 360 so it was likely already in development before the next gen consoles were released.
  4. I'm willing to grow with Codemasters into the next phase of it's existence as a developer of Racing Games. If they are in fact willing to listen to it's user base as to what directions they should focus on moving as a company excites me for their future and I look forward to seeing it evolve. I give them a big thumbs up for their current efforts.
  5. Bram

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  6. I tried the mod and didn't get on with it, just wasn't the same so I have up months ago.