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Current Catch Fencing

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kohnboy, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Is there an xpack which contains the type of catch fencing we see at many current/modern tracks?
    For example the open track pic at this link...


    The same type seems to be prevalent at all new tracks and most old ones post a revamp.
    In any BTB track it would add that little bit more detail.

    I see them in many people's WIPs and Releases but I have not come across this style fencing in a posted xpack.
    Safe to assume they are often custom? Or maybe I've overlooked something?

    If they are available somewhere I'd appreciate a link or direction.
  2. If you read the help file or better still watch the video tutorials all this can be created via the object editor you just need the appropriate images to work with.
    This can then be saved as an x-pack for saving or exporting.
  3. +1 James !

    It's just 2 quads maybe 1/2 m long aligned to your X axis in your 3D app (Z up). Even 3DSim would be able to do it...
  4. That was (and is) always an option. But given how many of these fences I have seen in game with very similar looks I assumed that there could be a xpack I missed which would allow me one less item on my WIP list. I was also thinking that these could also have been taken from exisiting tracks. I have 3dsimed but have not even scratched the surface on it. So I'll opt to build my own unless I can find them somewhere. If I find something I'll post an update here. If I build something worth a salt I'll upload here.
  5. R Soul,You'll have a corner named after you on my new project!Thank you!