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CTDP 06.. I just don't get it..

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by MatthewRuddy, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Hey all.. Just come here to find out if I'm missing something with this CTDP F1 2006 mod.. Seriously, downloaded a setup that can "apparently" do a 1:17 on Barcelona (Old track without chicane at the end).. Downloaded the setup, installed the correct upgrades, and pressures, track configs, etc.. Yet still, 1:22's or 1:23's.. when I set the car to AI mod it can do 1:18 yet the actually AI itself when I'm racing them can do a 1:14! Car just feels like its on the edge constantly.. I'm pushing the throttle to the limits.. I can feel it, tried going that little bit further on some corners and bam I lose it, or correct and get flung in the opposite direction as the car swaps ends.. It's frustrating..

    Am I missing something? Anyone got any tips? TC is set to off in the menus alongside Stabilty Control and Anti-Lock brakes.. but the cars TC in the Vehicles "Upgrades" menu is set to "Medium Low"..

  2. i cant get to grips with that F1 mod either, if i have the tc on it will still manage to spin its rears enough out of a corner for it to spin, even though there's that annoying tc noise.
  3. Well I dono bout that.. you need to set up the car with a good setups beforehand.. the setup by defualt is useless.. each new update to the car for each track requires a new setup, alongside each car.. As they all act differently just like in real life..

    But still.. I have a good setup, pushing the limit as far as I can.. still can't go faster.
  4. I dont know how long you are driving F1 sims but it takes a lot of practice to get control over the car. When not using TC (as it should ) it is always like driving on the edge and pushing that if possible. CTDP,FSONE,MMG are the best F1 mods but also the hardest sims to drive. It just takes time and a lot of practice :)
  5. Driving with someone else's setup is also very difficult, as they know what it feels like on the limit whilst you are just trying to match a time and can only guess what that limit is. Unless you accelerate, brake, turn the wheel and hit the same apex as the setup originator did then you must expect to have a different time (note I did not say slower as you may be faster with someone else's setup). By spending the time to set the car up how you like you will find it easier to drive and at the same time learn all the nuances of the track.

    However many sim drivers and I include myself some times cannot be bothered to do this from scratch for a new track as it is time consuming and frustrating. Equally there are sim drivers that enjoy the setup process more than the race. Like most things there are no shortcuts to success.
Thread Status:
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