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CSW V2 + CSP V2 with Fanaleds?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by rocafella1978, May 14, 2016.

  1. hi all, does rF2 work with Fanaleds and CSW V2 + CSP V2?
    i am back in setting up everything again and any help would be great. completely lost data on computer...
  2. Alexandre Costa

    Alexandre Costa
    Premium Member

    You don't need fanaleds on rfactor 2. The game supports it.
  3. Totally works.
  4. any help in regards to CSW V2 + CSP V2 settings recommendations and suggestions? would be grateful.
  5. Set SPR & DPR to 0 (or use very low level) for wheel.
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  6. When possible, set the parameters to OFF so the game has control of all FFB aspects, and the wheel doesn't add anything on top.
  7. does rFactor2 do all the wheel and in game settings automatically basically? so not much needed to be done?
  8. there are several in-game settings do i touch anything or chane values? torque and etc? FFB multiplier?
  9. found out that with the fanaleds plugin dll copied into the bin64 plugins, the wheel works so much better and lights and car specs! very nice Fanaleds worth it!
  10. i use the default settings for the clubsport wheel.
    everything is working good but just if go over the kerbs or the gras on the track my wheel is shaking heavely...

    somebody also ? or am i doiing wrong ?