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CSR possibly broken- help

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Alexander Macdonald, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. I know may people on this forum have a CSR, so I wonder if you can help me. I've had a slight issue with the wheel for a while now, where the wheel didn't turn smoothly at all, and whenever I turned past the centre point of the wheel the wheel jerked oddly. Well that problem magically fixed itself, and at the same time created another one.

    Listen to this: http://yourlisten.com/channel/content/16921828/CSR_strange_noise

    I don't know what's causing it to make that noise, but clearly the jerky feeling of the wheel and this issue are connected, since when one was fixed the other happened. Does anyone know what the problem might be, and anything about the warranty on the wheel or if Fanatec help with these kinds of issues as I don't know where the box is and if it says anything about it in there.
  2. Hi Alex,If I were you I would get in touch with their support.
    From what I've heard their support is good and to the point.
  3. You do not have the CSR Elite, correct?

    What you are hearing (I think) is the belt inside when the wheel is turning. All Fanatec wheels (except for CSR-E and CSW) tend to make belt noise when turning the wheel fast. You are hearing the teeth on the belt rubbing against the gears and motor inside the unit.

    Now, if it's suddenly gotten louder, or much louder then I would say get in touch with Fanatec.

    I don't know who Peter (guy above me) talked to, but their support (for a TON of people) leaves a lot to be desired. I had heard that European customers have had good success and US customers are flippin angry with Fanatec.

    Anyhow, try to contact them if it's not a normal sound you would always hear.

  4. Strangely enough, I don't hear the sound when I first turn the wheel on anymore. However, on two ocassions just yesterday the sound started again and I had to turn the wheel off and back on again. And GTFREAK I didn't hear the sound when I turned the wheel, so it isn't the belt turning. It sounded more like the sound a racing wheel would make if it was tearing itself apart from the inside. If the problem occurs again I probably will try Fanatec support.