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CSL Elite LC pedals vs V1/2?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mark_McQ, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Mark_McQ


    I'm thinking of getting the Fanatec CSL Elite pedals with the load cell, but I've been wondering if there's anything the V1 or 2's offer over them. Seeing some on eBay for decent prices, is it worth considering them instead?
  2. Sergio Goncalves

    Sergio Goncalves

    I have CSW v1, never tried the CSL Elite but I don't see any reason why the CSL Elite with load cell wouldn't be as good or even better than the CSW v1. And it's new vs used anyway.
  3. dave kirk

    dave kirk

    I have owned both, I've owned CSP v1 and v2, I recently bought the new CSL Elites and the brake is so much better, if the brake is the most important get the CSLs without a doubt. If however you like to alter the throw and stiffness of all the pedals then I'd suggest the CSPs, it depends on what your priority is.
  4. Kobus Maree

    Kobus Maree

    Interesting topic. I have a std G27 and pedals - and was looking at the CSL Elite with LC with a lot of interest. I am not one to tweak my pedals much after initial setup - and therefore suspect I may not benefit enough from the V3 pedals. Only doubt is whether the ffb of the v3 vs the CSL Elite makes enough of a difference in immersion...

    any thoughts experiences on this?
  5. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    I may not be fast, but I'm wide! Premium

    IMO the vibrating brake pedal doesn't add a whole lot. It's nice but not worth paying extra for.