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Crystal Palace Historic

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Paul Thomas, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. GPLea Crystal Palace for GTR2 and GTL , converted by Ken , (MotorFX) converted to Netkar Pro by Ippai
    Cams by Sergio Marques.

    Based on the real layout used in 1953 until 1972 in London, UK.
    Its a fun track at just 1.39 miles.


    For those of who are having framerate problems. First copy and replace texture folder, if your still having bad frame rate then copy and replace kto

  2. Great, loved it in GT Legends. Is it converted with permission though?
  3. Pirates test:
  4. Any track by Motorfx I have permission for(Unless I ever release Montjuich which I need additional permission to release. Unfortunately the bumps are too bad to finish converting).

    Rest assured I wont post tracks without permission.
  5. Cheers Paul :thanks:

    Feel free to add it to the Downloads section here, or I can do it if you agree.
  6. Yes please (thought it was in the download section)
  7. The post is in the correct place, I just meant upload the file itself to RD, instead of mediafire.
  8. First post updated
  9. Steffen Lauge Sorensen

    Steffen Lauge Sorensen
    Premium Member


    Thats the way to drive - like a true pirate :cool:
  10. Hehehe, its an answer for those no wings car lovers that say these and Ks2 aren´t fun to drive!:wink: