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Crowd Flashing issues

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by snthennumbers, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. This isn't really a modding question, but does anyone else have issues where the people in the crowd (mainly the people close to the track) flash and glitch in and out?

    My only guess is that my computer is using DX10 instead of DX11? I saw it installing DX10 when I reinstalled my game from scratch not too long ago...

    Any thoughts for feedback is greatly appreciated!
  2. Same for me and i have a lot of mates who have dx11 cards(almost all of them) and they have the same problem ,they said that it doesn't matter if they turn the crowd to low or high in graphics settings it happens the same to them as well as for me too.I guess it's a graphical bug .
  3. This isn't a modding question mate, So I'll move this into the F1 2012 forums :) as it's more software to run the game, than modding the game

    Could be wrong if so Graham Laing feel free to move it back mate :thumbsup:
  4. Thanks Dan Hawkins, my bad lol.

    Thanks for clearing that up mate, glad it's not just me!
  5. Anytime mate, glad to help :)

    Never noticed it myself, but then I don't really play it on the PC - because my PC is poor and running the game well for a good period of time.
  6. Hi,Had the same problem in F1 2011 so I just did the same fix to 2012 and worked fine.
    In your F1 2012 folder scrole down to system file and open it find workerMap2core make a backup copy and save it in your documents or where you know it will be safe.Next make a copy of workerMap4core and save to desktop.Go to desktop and Rename the worker map4core to workerMap2core and replace the one in the system file job done.
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  7. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    Ah, no wonder my crowd started to flicker, I disabled my 4th core and have now 3 running, the game uses workermap2core then, no surprise.
    But I really wonder, if you just copy&rename workermap4core to workermap2core it should lead to information/texture-streaming problems such as loading information will be lead to cores which do not exist and so won't be loaded in the game ... [if anyone ever played The Saboteur on a 4core he'd know what I mean]


    Instead of copy and rename you could also edit the hardware_settings_restrictions.xml
      <restrict_if name="cores" op="int_eq" value="2">
      <threadStrategy parallelUpdateRender="true" workerMapFile="system/workerMap2Core.xml"
      <restrict_if name="cores" op="int_eq" value="2">
      <threadStrategy parallelUpdateRender="true" workerMapFile="system/workerMap4Core.xml
    (for 3 cores as well) but only if your "fix" really has no sidewayissues
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  8. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Yep I've got this too. I dont notice it when i'm driving, just when the car is stopped.