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Crowd Cheer Noise Removal 1.0

Remove the annoying crowd cheers from NHE!

  1. aowzone submitted a new resource:

    Crowd Cheer Noise Removal - Remove the annoying crowd cheers from NHE!

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  2. Hello, the sound of the engine is in the file track :) I know I tried.
  3. I know it is.

    Using the same methods used to create this new file, "crowds.assets" I can create a new file "engines.assets" with Unity Studio and replace the references in the track files so that they look for the engine sounds, with the same file names, in a new unity asset bundle I would create.

    I just don't know that I have the desire to do every track for a game that I just can't enjoy. It just isn't what I had hoped for and its hard to justify dumping free time into developing new stuff for it.
  4. Hello, ok good.
    Thx for your work.