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Crossfire Support?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Michael Hornbuckle, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. I have two 6950 vid cards crossfired...when I make profile for crossfire options are default, afr friendly, 1x1, and use amd predefined...

    which one of these should I use? I have everything else in CCC to use application settings....I am steadily playing with settings and I can get tp to run smooth with 80+ fps but no matter what the armco barriers look like there is no AA....my current monitor is 42" 120mhz vizeo tv with 5ms response.

    all other games (except rf2) look crisp and clear...please help
    also, is there any way to lock frames other than vsync at 60?
  2. I´d be interested to know the scaling of AC, SLI/Crossfire and single card.
  3. Just sitting in the car at the default hot-lap position:

    Single card: 54fps
    Both cards: 108fps.

    Will use a replay as a benchmark tomorrow.
  4. That´s a 100% increase, pretty astonishing,

    In contrast a game like BF3 has around 50% scaling..
  5. the only problem with crossfire is the spikes
    otherwise i have 90-100% scalling

    you can also use this :
    "home" key and write set fpsCap xx
    where xx is the fps you want
  6. With Crossfire Off: Min:39, Max:50, Avg: 45.144

    With Crossfire On: Min:75, Max:100, Avg: 90.33
  7. sli doesn't work
  8. It does..

    How else would my GTX580´s be able to project images on three screens when i only have 2 DVI connections on one card?
  9. ok then sli isn't optimised. My second card just sits there at 2d clock speeds.
  10. Make a comparison.
    FPS with one card and with 2 cards.
    That way we know the scaling.

    I´ll do one later today with my cards and see too.
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  11. Will do.
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  12. a friend of me find something for SLI , he said on the official forum to use Batman arkam city profile's
    it's not a joke :) it work with his computer

    sorry for my english
  13. Specs

    670 SLI
    16Gb RAM
    1X120Hz 750D Monitor

    Video Settings



    SLI ON
    Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
    18294, 137281, 89, 160, 133.260

    SLI Indicator even though was on to show the scaling it did not show in game.

    Top Left Reads (X2 for SLI):
    GPU Core Clock
    GPU Usage
    Memory Usage


    Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
    13984, 122187, 89, 136, 114.448
    Top Left Reads
    GPU Core Clock
    GPU Usage
    Memory Usage

    Yet when I enable higher settings the cards will grind to 25FPS, which either indicates my card is faulty or the game is poorly optimised at this stage.

    baloche I'll add Assetto Corsa to the Batman profile and test again.

  14. I hope you used the same image when doing the test?
  15. It made no difference with regards to the image, whether I was racing or in the pits the second gpu clocks stayed the same. As you can see from the min/max/avg Fraps scores the scaling is very bad atm.

    With regards to the Batman Arkham City Profile when I added AC to the profile when I started the game it started to flicker.
  16. i'll search his post :)
    if i found it i put it here ;)
  17. did some of you crossfire users test the new catalyst 13.8 beta?? i read this driver shall help minimizing issues with crossfire
  18. Any news on SLI support?

    I'm getting a second gtx 660 ti, there is the smell of AC preorder, but nothing up to date for testing my configuration!