• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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Tracks Croix en Ternois 2017 1.02

Circuit de Croix en Ternois 2017 for RF2

  1. fabfr06


    fabfr06 submitted a new resource:

    Croix en Ternois 2017 - Circuit de Croix en Ternois 2017 for RF2

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  2. Timpreza


    Great stuff! My home track for the first time in a sim. Layout feels very good. Much appreciated.
    Some remarks:
    - The curbs that feel way too clean and sterile. They are old, some are flat, some are sawtooths and some have green tarmac behind them. There's quite a gap after the apex curb under the bridge which you can easy drop the inside wheels in when taking too much curb.
    - Missing brake markers on the wall for T1.
    Check my onboard to see what I mean.