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Tracks CROFT 1.1


  1. AlfredoR submitted a new resource:

    CROFT - Croft for GSC EXTREME

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. does not work !

    inserting the missing files will remain locked to the loading
  3. If you do a crtl+alt-del, what is the message?
  4. hex


    Thank you :)

    Track is working, but you need to take a look in the .scn file, because paths are a bit wrong :)
  5. Yes, it causes .mas opening errors.
  6. For me scn is ok.

    Tr51, you must put into locations the entire folder BTCC2011, and not Croft only
  7. Hey Thanks BlkJello :)

    It worked with those files from the link :)
  8. ...Sry

    Thank you, now it works. :)
  9. hex


    OR change paths in the .scn. Either way is good.
  10. Yes, but there are other btcc tracks build in the same way here
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