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Tracks Croft (BTCC + Super Truck) 2.43

Croft fo GSCEx

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Croft (BTCC) - Croft fo GSCEx

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  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Thank you Patrick, I really like the BTCC tracks! :thumbsup: Your work is much appreciated.
  3. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Superb job again Patrick just ran a Honda round it for a few laps, lovely job sir. And can I make it plain I'm not stalking you it's a coincidence that I logged in just minutes after you uploaded the track. Honest.:whistling:
  4. Thank you Kenny.

    Just did my first run in vee on it (I always use the same car, the 911, to do tests). And you are right, superb job :D.
    I am proud of me :sneaky:. Perfect track for Vee too.
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  6. Here's a new AIW for Croft if anyone wants to try it.


    To install - replace your original AIW file with this one, and replace your original BTCC2011_CroftMesh.MAS with this one.
    It does NOT change any of the original graphics or any of Patricks excellent upgrades, it only moves the pit lights at each end slightly to make more room for pit spots as the pit lane is so short.

    (The original had only 14 pit spots, this new one has managed to fit 26 pit spots and garages in).

    It also improves the racing line around the final hairpin onto the straight - cars will occasionally still go off the track here, but nowhere near as often as they were, including on the rolling starts, which is much cleaner.

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  7. Very nice track for the Marcas cars as well, thanks to all involved getting it to us, appreciated.
  8. Why is this track MOST downloaded track (any not only track but overall http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/game-stock-car-extreme.21/?order=download_count !?!) file in GSCE section ? Anyone ? I mean... I don't want to say is it bad, I'm sure it's not but stil.... more than any other track - the Ring, Laguna Seca, Road America, more than Monza, Spa, Sebring, Vanport (oh:inlove:), and ALL CARS mods like CART Extreme itself, Porsche 911 cup, FIA GTR 2010, Clio cup 2013... etc, etc.
    Really is this that good or it's just some kind of... server glitch. Perhaps.
  9. Patrick Giranthon updated Croft (BTCC) with a new update entry:

    Mnay improvements

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  10. Thanks for the first taste of the ramps and for the updated graphics/trees and all your ''magic''. :thumbsup:
    I'm sure you agree that the tracks could eventually also feature some of those obstacles they use in real life, though.
    Also some ramps could be placed in more tricky spots, just before a turn so that you jump into the turn, not just on a straight. Croft ramp count is sort of ok, Pukekohe needs more ramps imo.

    It's nice for the first test, though, thanks. :thumbsup: Can't really practice in anything yet, though. Tried with the Camaro, but it doesn't like the ramps as much as i thought, lol. :D
  11. I also see there are 2 Super Trucks folders with different names in the game right now. Croft is in the first and Pukekohe is in the second.
  12. I probably made a small typo mistake in the gdb.
    Just correct the venue name If needed. Will not create online mismatch I suppose. But I Will try to do an update.

    For ramps, it is a test. Without having the car it is more difficult to be original in choices. But sure that putting a ramp in curves is not a good idea. Because you fly straight. :roflmao:
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  14. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Get some air with those ramps :D
  15. I keep getting this error: Error opening mas file: Sky.mas
    Why? :D
  16. Try with Sky.MAS in the scn