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Crewchief 4 app

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Alan Bessler, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Can you good folks tell me how to enable Crewchief 4 in Asseto Corsa,It's working fine in Pcars, I do get an ok will spot, but that's it no spotting ? Thanks very much...
  2. Jempy


    In your Crew Chief install, you'll find a folder named CrewChiefEx.

    Copy this folder into Assetto Corsa\apps\python ... in your game.
    Activate in General options and of course in the right menu when on track.
  3. I have no idea what your talking about but thanks anyway, but Ill try to figure it out..........
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  4. I now have inthe game/ general/ ui modules there is now crewchief i checked the box, but while driving it's still not working !! Whate else do i have to do now anyone !!
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  5. steamapps/common/assetto corsa
  6. I
    When I run the game I now have in game, the general settings/ ui modules, there is now crewchief i checked the box, but while driving it's still not working !! What else do i have to do now.Thanks.
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  7. Jempy


    You still have to launch the app ingame in the right side menu of the screen... as it has to be done for all apps.
  8. In the game right side menu I do not see the Crewchief app ?
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  9. Jempy


    The CrewChief icon is a AC base icon .... but you don't even need to open it there.
    Just enabling the app in the General Options UI Modules is enough.

    NB: If not changed recently, the app doesn't work in practice.
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  10. Does not work, no big deal I don't use AC very much. Thanks for the help guy's...
  11. Jempy


    If you try it in a quick race offline and it doesn't work, surely you did a mistake somewhere.
    - How do you start the CrewChief main program ? ....
    - if you start it from the main program, don't you forget to click on AC as game you'll use in the list of sims at the right or do you start it the other way ...with a specific shortcut for AC ?

    Else, if you did everything perfectly without error .... I don't see any other reasons why it shouldn't work.
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  12. Did all that, Crewchief4 shows up in game menu (General), I ticked the box set up quick race. I hear ok i'll spot in game but when race starts no spotting happens.This works perfect in Pcars...
  13. Did you download/update the sound package in the main crewchief program? I almost missed that part.
    Once you do that and start the application you'll hear the spotter doing a sound check. At that point you can go back to the game and it should work
  14. Click on Assetto Corsa from the game list on the right side before "Start Application"
  15. Ok, it's not that hard..

    1. Install app
    2. Copy the CrewChiefex folder into the folder ..steamapps/common/Assetto Corsa\apps\python
    3. Launch the CrewChief app
    4. Select Assetto Corsa
    5. Let the app update, i.e. download everything, sounds etc
    6. When done, press the button to start the app
    7. If you hear a voice then it's ready
    8. Don't close the app
    9. Now launch Assetto Corsa
    10. Go to settings / general and check the crewchief app (enable it)
    11. Drive
    12. If still unsuccesful, play PCars
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  16. Just to add some notes:
  17. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Thanks for the help!:thumbsup:
  18. I did all that stuff it says ok I'll spot, but in game it does not spot during a race !!!!!! I recieved an email from the originater of the app and told he things there is a bug. I have been emailing with him over at Pcars............
  19. There is a bug in the spotter logic which will be fixed today - the 'time after race start before enabling spotter' option isn't right. The issue here is that the app will only spot this many seconds after the start of *each lap*, which is clearly wrong.

    But your issue appears to be something slightly different. There are 2 components to the application - the Python module (copy the CrewChiefEx folder from your Crew Chief installed folder to the ..../apps/python/ folder and enable it from the in-game menu), and the C# component which is the Crew Chief UI. Are you selecting "Assetto corsa" from the game list in the Crew Chief UI?

    The app's default configuration is to have the spotter enabled, so you shouldn't need to use a voice command to turn this on. The spotter only starts spotting 15 or 20 seconds after the race start. The race start should also trigger messages ("get ready".... "green-green-green"). These are race updates and come from Crew Chief but aren't the spotter (the spotter is the part of Crew Chief that tells you when you're along side another car). The race updates and the spotter are enabled by default but each can be disabled if you want.

    To be honest, it sounds like the app isn't reading any Assetto Corsa game data at all. It's listening for voice commands but not connecting to the game. So check you've selected Assetto Corsa from the list, and check that the Python module's folder has been copied to the right location and the Python module is enabled in-game.