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Creating season on spreadsheet

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Paul Nadon, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. How do you do a season on a spreadsheet so that it calculates and sorts points and sorts drivers? Or is there a better and easier program out there? Know basic spreadsheet. :p

    Edit: Got it. Spreadsheets...Totally over complicated.
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  2. DavidMk7


    I don't know whether this would be any use to you Paul. I created it to record my GPL 69 season a while back and then just kept adding to it. Feel free to mess around with it if you wish. Note that it's actually an xlsm file (the xls version is too big), but I've had to change the extension to xls to be able to upload it. Just change the file extension back to xlsm to use.

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  3. Hey! Thanks David. Will have a look at it. Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:
  4. Wow! Thanks again David. Great spreadsheet.:) One question, in the Standings area on the right you have, Player car/1st half races/2nd half races/joint final position/ and so on. What is it and what does it do?
  5. DavidMk7


    Glad you like it Paul. Actually, I’ve been taking a look at it and there’s a fair few errors in the version I gave you and I also didn’t like the way some of the features worked. I’ve attached a (hopefully) less buggy version, which also has a few additions. You'll need to change the file extension again.

    The 1st/2nd half races option is for championships which split the races into 2 halves and limit the number of races that drivers can score in. As I said, the initial idea behind the project was to create something to enable me to record a GPL 1969 season manually. In that year, there were 11 races, split into 2 halves. The 1st half was 6 races, but only the best 5 finishes counted. The 2nd half was 5 races long and the best 4 finishes counted. To create this in the spreadsheet, you enter 5 from 6 for the 1st half races and 4 from 5 for the 2nd half.

    For most seasons you wouldn’t need any of this and would just enter the number of races in the bottom box (or the 1st Half Races ‘From’ box). And all this actually does is reduce the number of events visible on the results page, so even this isn't strictly necessary.

    Joint Final Positions doesn’t really do anything, other than change the numbering down the side of the drivers standings table. If you have say, 3 drivers with the same point total, they might show as joint 2nd with JFP on, or 2nd, 3rd and 4th with it off.

    Inputting a figure in the Fastest Lap points box (and now Pole Position points as well), open up a new column on the Results sheet where you indicate a fastest lap (or pole position) with an ‘x’ (actually, you can put anything in, in reality). The sheet then totals up the entries, multiplies them by the number you input and adds the result to the total points.

    Points Adjustment simply opens up a new row on the Results table that allows you to adjust the points scored in an individual race by double, half or quarter. It’s for endurance races, or races shortened due to bad weather (yes, I know it’s not going to happen in a simulator, but I never claimed that everything in it was useful!). You could, for instance, replicate GTR2’s endurance races by separating the race into 3 events, awarding half points for the first 2 (the quarter and half distance points) and full points for the 3rd event (the final race finishing position).

    There’s a new entry on this screen called Shared Drives. Normally, if you enter the same finishing position for 2 drivers, then they would both get the full points allocation for that position. If you select Shared Drives, then the points will be shared equally between however many drivers finished in that position. Note that if you do enter the same position for multiple drivers, the numbers will turn red. This is just to warn you that you have put the same finishing position in more than once.

    I'm happy to answer any more questions if I haven’t explained things properly, or there's anything else you want to ask.


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  6. Thanks again David for all your help.:thumbsup: Doing a season on a Spreadsheet is way better than in game(championship creator)because if you use modded tracks the AI are at different strength for each track. And also yours looks a lot better.

  7. DavidMk7


    Yes, I’ve argued for years that sims should have the option to set an AI adjustment for each track; just a small positive or negative % that would modify the default AI speed setting. This is especially important in games that allow 3rd party content, as all modders have their own individual interpretation of what a baseline AI speed should be.

    Another advantage of recording a championship manually is that it allows you to swap cars between races. This is why I needed it for my GPL69x season, so that I could drive the correct car for each race. It also meant that I could use the correct points system in my Can-Am season.

    Of course, the big disadvantage is that you might need to remember to record the results yourself. I start Fraps before a GPL championship race and take a screenshot of the results. I’ve set the FPS counter to the bottom right, so that it appears over GPL’s ‘Go’ button. This is in the hope that it’ll remind me to take the shot before I move to the next screen, but I’m always terrified that I’ll forget and the whole race will be lost.

    If you find any bugs, or think of anything you’d like changed or added, just let me know. I’ve just started a period of self imposed sim racing abstinence, as my legs have gone again and I must rest them, so I’ll need something else to occupy me. Although, with AC updates, GSC2013 apparently due soon and the possible near arrival of my Clubsport Shifter, I suspect my willpower is going to be sorely tested!
  8. DavidMk7


    Updated version attached which fixes some major errors found by Clyde9971. As before, change the file extension back to .xlsm before using.

    Edit: Further issues spotted and resolved. My apologies to anyone who may have downloaded the previous version. If anyone spots any further bugs, please let me know.

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  9. Hi David, I have been using your spreadsheet for over a year now and love it. Is there anyway to keep the points gained per race and have it shown in the driver standings tab like it used to? Ive attached a pic to show what i mean.

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