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Creating pitlane - help needed with surfaces

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by DevinXXL, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Hi sorry for mistakes I'm from germany...
    I finished 3 tracks, but every pitlane was looking like **** now I had an idea after i've downloaded the dark road textures by ennis fargis. pitlane textures?!? so I tried to make a pitlane but I failed. can someone make a tutorial or help me doing this? if you can help me, I'd send a pm with a Link to the BTB track...
    Please help me :frown:
  2. It can be frustrating when you start, but with practice you'll improve.
    How did you fail? In other words, what did you do, and what have you been unable to do?
  3. Do you have any pictures?
  4. I think I got it now, but now there's another problem. Like you see in the following pictures, there's gravel at the pit entrance AND exit, I don't know how to change that to grass, I think I'm only able to change the texture somehow, but then it will look weird, how do I make more beautiful gravel out of this? Something like this?
    That's my pit entrance:

    How do you make your pits?
  5. Sry for posting late...You can change textures in photoshop OR raise your terrain above the track...split poligons on half as many times as you need and pull them on the pit exit line and hold Y and pull them just a bit up!
    You can also:
    1.make a wall over the line of pit exit
    2.right klick in wall window and choose "Select Cross Section"
    3.Klick on "Skids" press OK
    4.Klick "Material",right klick in window and choose "Replace Selected"
    5.find grass texture you want or any other texture!
    6.Klick back on "Shape" and klick on icon "Edit the Wall shape"
    7.In 3d screen press CTRL and klick on parts where you want to change the shape BUT hold X so it will move ONLY horizontal!Hold Y to move it above the ground on polygons you choose!
    8.Klick on properties in wall window and select -rest on ground,driveable etc.
    Hope this helped!