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Creating own drivers and custom liveries from Marussia Mod...

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by dominikg97, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Hello, what I should do, if I want to create my own drivers (probably about 12-20), give them custom livery, talents with base car model from the Marussia Mod to rFactor2 without Timo Glock and Charles Pic. I bought this game yesterday and I know nothing about this...I want it...pls help.
  2. I know of two ways to do this. One is to go into the mas files with that contain the driver information and change the names with the mas editor. Then rebuild the mod. I've done this with the 2012 mod. The second way I've done this is to take one of the cars as a master and base all the other cars off that using the painting tutorial. Then use the mas editor to create a new mod and include in it only your master car. When you start RF2 you can either add your drivers in the session settings or in the standings window. I know that's really sketchy, undetailed information, but my point is to let you know it can be done. The first way takes only a little work; the second is a lot more.
  3. Why build a new mod or rebuilding the mod just to add some AI drivers with skins? :O_o:

    For offline use you don't need the mas utility at all. :)
  4. Because I want an offline championship season that I create as a RaceEvent. If I were just running a race or two, I wouldn't mind picking the drivers each time I start a race weekend, but I don't want to have to do that every time for every track.
  5. I just want to make my own drivers with custom names and skins, then I want to take them into race BUT ONLY THEM! I mean, my own series like F1 by Me...or something like that. I did that in rfactor 1 but it was sooo easy...here...its probably more difficult... :( The Marussia cars there are only 2 of them...I need to duplicate them or what?

    That's for me is racing simulator. I love to watch when my drivers are fighting for 1 place. I can watch it all day. But when they are my custom drivers...ohh man. I really need it...
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  6. - With rF1 you have a .veh file with the car livery and driver suit, helmet, gloves etc...

    - With rF2 you have a .rcd file with the car livery and driver suit, helmet, gloves, etc...

    It's basicly same. :)

    The .rcd file contains the AI talent property's, which you can adjust ingame until you are happy. Or leave them default.
    Once you are happy with the AI skins and talents. You can build your own mod if you wish with the skins and the AI talents. Like @Booth.the.doberman did.

    But i usally do multi class races. So i choose the cars myself. For example 10 GT3 cars, 10 touring cars and 10 Clio's. So i don't need to repack things to make 1 grid. It would make more complicated for me.

    During practice: you can click on the arrow next to add AI. You'll get a dropdown list with all the cars you add to the grid. Just click on the cars you'll need.
  7. This is exactly what I have done. I have one series with the Spark and Eve F3s and another that uses the 2013 mod from Frenky. In both cases, I created a RaceEvent where I chose my custom cars and the tracks that I would be running.
    Here is a quick summary runthrough:
    Chose one of the Marussia cars as a master
    Create all your custom skins in Photoshop, etc.
    In RF2, select the Marussia master and go into Tuning to put you in the garage.
    Create a directory. (This creates a directory for this car) The directory will be located in rFactor2/UserData/Player/Settings/
    From your desktop, move your skins into that directory.
    Back in RF2 in the garage, click the arrows next to Variants and scroll through the skins to find the one you want.
    Click the button to create a new driver. Name the driver, team, etc.
    Do this for all your skins. You can also edit the AI in the garage if you want.
    You now have two options. You can create a RaceEvent that will always include those drivers and tracks or you can just do it on the fly each time to start RF2. RaceEvent creation is already documented in several places. If you do it without a race event, start RF2 and select your car. Click Race. After the track loads, go to the Standings button and click that. Click Add AI and choose the cars you want to add. The master car will always be included, so you can click that one in the Standings list and click Boot to delete him from the race.
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  8. Oh my God I did it! Fantastic! Thank you sooo much guys! :)
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