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Creating custom Championships?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Ant Creasy, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Does anyone know if this is possible? I've tried the Custom Championship Creator for rFactor but it doesn't work.
  2. I would like to know this also.
  3. Funnily enough I'm currently making a Batch file that will replicate what the rFactor championship creator does... Sort of...

    It won't be as nice however it will work :)

    Anyway, you can also make championships manually. If you go to your rFactor install's rFm folder, you should see some .aos files if you have made your own championships. These are simple plain text files that can be opened with any text editor. They also do not contain much information, so try are not too painful to edit manually. I'm not at my PC atm but later I will post again with more details :)
  4. Just to elaborate on my previous post:

    Here is a 'template' I have made for making championships. I have not tested all aspects, but from what I have tried and succeeded at I have worked out would should work for other options (e.g. cars I haven't tried).

    // Edit this file as the notes say and save it in GSC2012\rFm as <<YourSeriesName>>.aos
    RFM =  //name of rFm file for chosen class (not including ".rFm")
    // RFMs:
    // Stock Cars and Camaro: "Stock Car V8" (without quotes)
    // Formula 3: "Formula 3"
    // Formula Classic and Formula Reiza: "Formula Reiza"
    Season =  //name of championship
    FullSeasonName =  //full name of championship
    Vehicle Filter =  //name of filter for vehichles allowed to compete
    // Vehicle Filters:
    // Stock Cars: "StockV8" (without quotes)
    // Camaro: "CamaroSS"
    // Formula 3: "F3"
    // Formula Classic: "F_Classic"
    // Formula Reiza: "F_Reiza"
    SafetyCar =  // name of Safety Car's .veh file (including ".veh")
    // For the default Camaro, use "CamaroSS_SC.veh" (without quotes)
    SeasonScoringInfo //points allocations (place a number after each place) (after ninth, places are named "PlaceX" where "X" is the finishing position)
    FirstPlace =
    SecondPlace =
    ThirdPlace =
    FourthPlace =
    FifthPlace =
    SixthPlace =
    SeventhPlace =
    EighthPlace =
    NinthPlace =
    SceneOrder //Place the names of the .scn files (not including ".scn" for the desired tracks in the championship between the curly brackets in running order
    // The .scn files for GSC2012's default tracks are hidden, but they use the same name as the other track files (.aiw, .cam, .gdb etc.) so just use the name from those
    And here is an example that I have made/used:

    RFM = Stock Car V8
    Season = CUSTOM Stock Car Sprint Series
    FullSeasonName = CUSTOM Stock Car Sprint Series
    Vehicle Filter = StockV8
    SafetyCar = CamaroSS_SC.veh
    FirstPlace = 22
    SecondPlace = 20
    ThirdPlace = 18
    FourthPlace = 17
    FifthPlace = 16
    SixthPlace = 15
    SeventhPlace = 14
    EighthPlace = 13
    NinthPlace = 12
    Place10 = 11
    Place11 = 10
    Place12 = 9
    Place13 = 8
    Place14 = 7
    Place15 = 6
    Place16 = 5
    Place17 = 4
    Place18 = 3
    Place19 = 2
    Place20 = 1
    The batch file program I am making is almost done, but I can't finish it off just yet. I will post it when (or if :p) it is completed and working properly :)
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  5. Thanks heaps FerrariMan! I was messing around with some files but they wouldn't show up in GSC. Will try your templates now.
  6. Cool, it worked :)
  7. Thanks that's good to know :D
  8. This version is out-of-date. Please click on the link below to go to the new thread.

    Just remembered about this - I hadn't uploaded my batch file :p

    So - here it is :)

    This batch file essentially does the same thing as CTDP's Championship Manager for rFactor, but for Game Stock Car 2012. Whilst it supports the use of add-on tracks (because it scans the Game Stock Car 2012 install for them), it doesn't support the use of mods that add cars, not that any exist AFAIK. Besides, that's what rFactor's for - the stock content here is great!

    Also, before using, please read the ReadMe, which I have copied below:

    ReadMe for the Unofficial Championship Creator for Game Stock Car 2012
    Created by FerrariMan96
    Thankyou for downloading my program/batch file!
    TBH I don't know why I'm thanking you because I get 0 benefit out of this (RaceDepartment must earn more from the ads due to you visiting the page that this was hosted on) but, hey, anyway, thanks!
    Anyway, onto more important matters.
    This batch file was 'inspired' by CTDP's Championship Manager NX for rFactor that allowed you to create championships for rFactor with ease, as you were able to select cars and tracks and other stuff through I nice simple and clean user interface, rather than having to go and manually create the .aos files.
    Being a batch file, this does not have the same clean UI that CTDP's Championship Manager has, but it's not too bad. In any case, it's better than going and creating the .aos files manually because the program does all the 'formatting' manually and any user inputs are made via entering numbers, Ys, Ns, or Xs through the keyboard and pressing enter. Simple :).
    So, have fun with easy creation of championships :P.
    1. Make sure that the package extracted to a clean directory (i.e. with nothing else in the folder). This is highly recommended because the program creates and deletes temporary files and directories in the location of the .bat file
    2. Change the text in the config.ini to read the directory of your Game Stock Car 2012 install (including the actual GSC2012 folder). For most people, this will be "C:\GSC2012", "C:\Program Files\GSC2012" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\GSC2012", or perhaps you're like me and use a special "GAMES" directory, in which case you would have the game installed under "C:\GAMES\GSC2012". Also, DO NOT USE QUOTES!
    3. You are now able to run the batch file! You can run it normally by double-clicking on the .bat file, however I recommend that the program is launched via the shortcut, as this makes the window and font-size larger and uses a nicer Yellow-on-Green colourscheme :)
    Problem: The list of tracks doesn't show up!
    Cause: The directory specified in the config.ini file was probably incorrect.
    Solution: Check that the correct directory was entered in the config.ini file. Also make sure that there are no spaces before or after the directory and that it is on the top line of the file.
    Problem: My championship doesn't show up in game!
    Cause 1: You have the wrong rFm loaded in game.
    Solution 1: In the Main Menu of Game Stock Car 2012, press one of the arrow buttons in the bottom-left corner until the name of the correct rFm for the cars to be used in your championship shows up.
    Cause 2: You terminated the program premeturely.
    Solution 2: In the folder that the batch file is located in, go into the tempfiles folder and there may be a file with the extension .aos. Depending on where the batch file was terminated, you can manually copy it over to the rFm folder in your Game Stock Car 2012 install. However, I recommend just starting again.
    The program supports the use of add-on tracks, as it scans all tracks in the Game Stock Car 2012 installation directory specified. It does not, however, support the use of mods that contain additional cars - not that any exist as far as I know. Why would you want them anyway? The stock content is great! Modding is what rFactor is for :)
    Current Version: 1.0
    Planned updates:
    When Reiza release the Mini Challenge DLC I will add the functionality for using the Mini Challenge Cars for a custom championship. Currently, if you select the Mini Challenge option, it will give a 'this is not available yet' message.
    Known issues:
    None, other than that the Mini Challenge cars are not yet available so I was unable to make the program write the information for using those cars in a championship.
    Please notify me of any issues you find via PM at RaceDepartment.com.
    Finally, here is the download button (apparently I can't upload ZIPs directly to the forums?):


    Enjoy :)

    Cheers, FerrariMan96.
  9. Genius! Works great for me except it didn't pick up a custom track I threw in there. Might be my fault though. And really cool with the "interface" ;) Thanks for sharing :)
  10. OK, it was a problem on my end :rolleyes:
  11. Glad you got it working :)
  12. Hi FerrariMan,

    Thanks for this great program, any chance you could update it with the Mini DLC now please? I just bought the game today and wish to create a new championship with more tracks. Thanks again :)
  13. I'll update it tomorrow :) (if I remember :p).
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  14. Ferrariman, great job on this thanks, especially the points systems, look forward to trying it out, hope you get chance to finish it off by including the Minis :)
  15. Thanks, would've done it but I ran out of time after installing and fooling around in those minis (LOL) will update when I get some time. Shouldn't be too hard as its only a batch file, just some copy paste required. I also want to add an option to choose a safety car because I think there's a mini safety car, am I correct?
  16. Yes theres a Mini SC :)
    Can I ask you another question - I have an extra folder in my root GSC directory called MODS (I use the JSGME Mod Enabler program to install/uninstall the extra circuits like jerez, and mods like RFDynHUD).
    But how can I edit your program to disregard this folder? If I leave the folder there your program does not function correctly, but if I take it out, it works great. Is there a way to make it ignore this one folder? I'm guessing it's because your program is finding the tracks in the MODS folder, and I don't want it to find these ones as they are not actually the installed ones. Any help would be much appreciated. If it's not possible, then I will just have to remove the folder till I have created the championship.

  17. It is possible, my program lists the tracks by listing the names of the GDB files it finds. I *may* have set it to scan the whole GSC2012 folder, which of course is unnecessary seeing as all tracks are contained in the Gamedata/Locations folder... I am editing at the moment so I will change that now :)
  18. That would be great thanks, if it could just be asked to scan maybe the gamedata or locaitons folders that would solve it.
    Thanks very much for this, it's great to be able to edit the season calendar :)
  19. Ok, I've made a new version, and I've decided that I should stop hijacking this thread and make my own :p.

    New thread HERE.