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Creating a livery help

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by peppe104, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Hi guys :)
    Just a very simple question, I want to create a special livery for a moto2 team (surprise), I am very good with graphics tool but completely new to texture editing. Is there a sort template to use or I can just edit the .dds file? Once created the .dds, is there a way to live evaluate the result on the 3d model or I have to rebuild the .mix and start the game every time?

    Thanks in advice community!
  2. You have to rebuild the .mix and restart the game to check the differences. My suggestion is to take a screenshot of the default model ingame and then try to take reference points so that you can work on it and already know a little bit how it will appear in game. This will save you some "game restarts"

    Though, once you have made the general texture, fine-tuning it will be painful
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! keep working on! :)
  4. Or you can take the Mask file with 50% oppacasity over the body.dds as a reference too for some missing small parts ;)
  5. good idea mate! current status 70% of a first beta release ;)
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  6. Great peppe :thumbsup: