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create street light

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by nivolaman, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. hi
    I built the steetlight, but do not know how to create light
    help me
    sorry for my English, is the result of a machine translation.


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  2. Hi, i believe this is a problem we are all having! from what i can see is that noone except for piddy can get the lights to work, i know i have the same problem as you!

    lucky for me though the track i'm making i just put two of the defaults back to back and they look like the real ones, try playing around with the default one you might be able to get it so its hiding inside the object you have created but the light shines through onto your track?

    let us know if that works!
  3. I've made several street lights that work, if you like I could have a look at it for you.
  4. use in my track, the lights in Xpack but the light is low

    I need stronger light
  5. eheheh RT1971 is the wizard of the lights! I know it very well and I say thanks to him again!!

    By the way RT1971, maybe is not too late to understand more about lights (street ones in this case) and rfactor... several months ago I posted about the argument but nobody was able to solve the issue... can you please take a look?



    (in the last post I also attached a test file...)

    This can be useful to nivolaman too... and I'm sure that RT is the man that can write a tutorial named "How lights work"! thanks thanks thanks!!!!

    PS: about the "stronger" lights, nivolaman, change their value into the SCN file and in a while you solve the problem! (facile e rapido! il valore da cambiare รจ relativo alla "intensity" delle "omni" delle light...)
  6. any chance of a tutorial to give us some kind of an idea? i love seeing my own work in game this is why i do it, but i just can't seem to get the lights to work
  7. EEK I opened a can of worms.
    OK give me a few days and I'll put something up.
    I do have 1 area that is dark because of too many lights to a short section of track, but will probably remove the .scn file entry for the light but leave the glow on the pole so it still looks like its on.
    I will also explain why the default lights may be giving you guys grief.

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  8. Thank you in advance RT! Yes, as you understood, the best way is to add a tutorial, ehehehe... please, do not forget to explain the why also adding less then 3 default lights per sector they do not work (or they "send" lights in another direction also if omnilights...)!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks!
  9. those lights look awsome!! looking forward to the tutorial mate! thanks in advance!
  10. special thanks
  11. Hi
    I have made a track that is nice and smooth to drive on, but when I break it up into sectors so that the default lights will work around the track, now the track becomes bumpy and undriveable, can someone explain how to break up a track into small sectors without it getting bumpy..
  12. From a post of SANTANGOSS:
    (if it can be useful...)

    The number of Omni Light's is not limited. What's is limited is the number of Omini per track surface.

    I don't remember exactly how many lights you can use per each GMT file (remember: any terrains surfaces that you got into BTB will be exported as an individual GMT file). But, if you try to put more omnis than the limit, the entire GMT terrain file will keep unlighted.

    Do the following:

    - Click on BTB's Terrain interface.
    - Select some few triangles of your troubled terrain area in "materials" tag and click on "MERGE"
    - You will cry a subset of triangles which will be exported as a new GMT file.
    - Try the track again in RFactor.

    Probably the new GMT created will be lighted now. All you need to to is to reduce your GMT areas by using the method described and creating more terrains areas (and, this way, creating more GMTs). Using smaller terrain areas, surely those will be affected for less Omnis instances and will be lighted as you want.
  13. That's correct, there's a limitation on number of omnilights per track surface. If you have some terrain portion unlighted it does mean that you have to reduce the number of lights on it OR subdivide this terrain area in two or more parts.

    Color of light and its strenght is controlled in SCN file, you may type directly your RGB settings ore the light intensity using notepad.
  14. Light Tutorial

    Sorry for taking so long, had surgery on my right shoulder a few weeks back and been giving me hell.
    The long awaited light tutorial in .pdf.
    Let me know if there is anything you don't understand, we are a multi cultural group here so I do expect a few problems.
    Read it very carefully through once before you start making your own lights.
  15. I'll read it but in few days... busy at the moment. In the meanwhile no other words than THANK YOU MATE!
  16. Fantastic!!

    Thanks RT

    Good Luck with that shoulder :)
  17. Maybe is there somehow we can sticky that Tutorial or upload it in the BTB section, so other's can download it easy and find it :)
  18. Great Tutorial!