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Create RaceEvent Series of a existing and installed mod?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Óscar Melero, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Hi!
    I've tried to create a separate series for Caterhams for me to select in the series menu with the MAS utility.
    The thing is I've followed instructions from several Steam threads and the result is: when I select my custom created series, it shows all the cars & tracks, when I only selected a few tracks and only the Caterhams to appear in the MAS utility.

    What I've done wrong?
    I've followed this instructions: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=554544322

    For short, the only thing I want is a series for Caterhams so I select the series and only the caterhams appear, as for the Skippy series for example.
  2. - Did you install your Race Event?
    - Is your Race Event available in the series tab?

    - Did you select your Race Event and click on accept?
    - Are you able the run the ISI Race Events?
  3. I created a "New mod package" with the MAS2 utility, always following the instructions on the link I posted. Of course, selecting the tracks I want and the Caterhams.
    Once I've created it, I've installed it succesfully.
    My mod is indeed available in the menu (MyMod 1.0) and I've selected it. Then clicked on accept.
    And, when I want to see only the Catherhams and the selected tracks, I see it like All Cars & Tracks.
  4. Hu?
    If you do this with another RaceEvent. Does it still say "all cars & tracks".

  5. Now when selecting any other race event nothings wrong.

    But when selecting my custom race event, it takes the last race event selected, as you can see in the video.

    I believe that my custom mod takes whatever you selected before, either all cars & tracks or any race event.
  6. @Gijs van Elderen
    If you can succesfully create a custom Race Event for a mod downloaded from workshop and use it, please tell me how you create it, as I'm apparently unable to do so. There is something I'm doing wrong, the thing is I don't know what.
  7. Don't know what you did wrong? The steam tutorial is OK.
    Maybe the Mod needs a other name then "My New Mod"
    Anyway, it's working for me.
  8. I literally did what I saw in your video. Still not working. At least I know it is not my fault. I was doing the same thing as in the video. I configured the series in the MAS2 utility in the same exact way.
    I was hoping for "naming it RaceEvent xxxxxxx" wil solve the problem, but no.

    I'm reinstalling it. I will come back to tell if it's solved or not. I can't understand what's going on. It stills shows me All Cars & Tracks when selecting my custom series.
  9. @Gijs van Elderen Nothing.

    I've tried everything.
    Reinstall. Doing as in your video. Nothing.
    Running MAS2 as admin. Doing the same. Nothing.

    I have to call you on this one @Marcel Offermans , I'm sorry but I have do it...
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  10. Could you send a link to your RaceEvent?
    I'm curious what's in the .rfm file. It should refer to the cars and tracks you've chosen. I think it refers to nothing, so you'll end up with the last chosen RaceEvent or all cars & tracks.

    In the meanwhile, what you could try, is to delete the "pkinfo.dat" file.
    It contains some info about the previous RaceEvent you've made.

    The folder where you can find this file is a bit hidden.
    - Click on the magnify glass in the taskbar to search.
    - Enter %appdata% in the search bar and hit enter.
    - it will open the folder you need
    - At the bottom you'll find two files. ==> pkinfo.jpg delete them.
    - The package program will generate new/fresh files.

    It's a trick for solving Mas2 crashes. I hope it will solve your problem too. Anyway, it doesn't harm to start from fresh.

    BTW: A reinstall doesn't overwrite files generated by rF2 (userdata folder) and its tools like this one. So in most cases a reinstall won't fix the problem.
  11. Deleting this two files you said, will not solve the problem either.

    This is the RaceEvent for the Caterhams I create and it doesn't work:
  12. I've installed the RaceEvent and i've the same issue.

    A RaceEvent should contain 3 file: 1 .rfm file and 2 icons.
    Your RaceEvent only contains the 2 icons. No .rfm file. :O_o: that's very odd.
    So that's the problem. :) I don't know why it does this and how to solve it.

    What you could try is to tick "customize"
    - click on the Browser for a custom rfm.
    - It should send you to the location of the rfm files. (if not... this could be the problem)
    - remove the default.rfm file (cut/past to desktop)
    - close the mas2 utility and restart it: it will create a new fresh default.rfm.

    When you create a new race event, tick Customize and manually select the default.rfm. (just to make sure)

    You can also select a different .rfm file. The rfm file contains the references to the content you are using in your RaceEvent. And a lot of race rules for safety car, parc ferme, FC yellow, ... etc. These work if the player.json is set to "rfm default" for these rules. I wouldn't experiment with it to much (i did:D), because conflicts between player.json and rfm could cause other issues.
    And not all options work and not all options are in the .rfm. There are more. :whistling:

    If you open the default.rfm you've pasted on your desktop, you'll see a lot of options, point scoring, etc for your offline championship and carreer mode. ==> @Marcel Offermans hint hint... ;)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2016
  13. I think I found the problem. But I am completely unable to solve it.

    The problem is MAS2 utility won't include a rfm file in any race event I create.
    Every time I create a Race Event, I go to rfm foler and then put the Race Event MAS file into the MAS2 utility. No rfm file in there, as you said.
    For short, I don't know how or why, but my MAS2 utility can't put the rfm when creating a RaceEvent MAS file.

    Tried everything you said in the post. Not working. At least the fault is not mine or yours. Is the MAS2 utility.

    @Marcel Offermans Please, can you help me with this one...? What can be happening?
  14. Nowadays a race event contains:
    - 1 .mas file
    - N .mft files (one for each car or track that you've included)

    Inside the .mas file you will find 2 icons (.dds) and one .rfm file.

    For some reason that .rfm file is missing and I don't know how you are doing that. What I do know is that I created a race event for the Caterhams (with a few default tracks) quite easily following the instructions in the Steam guide that my colleague created: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=554544322

    Since this forum has no option to upload the rfcmp file as an attachment, I can't send it to you but I hope that following the instructions helps.
  15. I uploaded a video showing the process I follow to create a Race Event. This problem is still not solved, but something tells me the problem is not mine... followed instructions properly:

    But still All Cars & Tracks when selecting custom Race Event.

    Tried the same process creating a Race Event out of stock content (not mod or workshop), same result.

    Any help?
  16. Although you preform the corrects steps, I think something wrong on your end. I've no clue... :( Windows admistrator rights should be OK if your able to remove the default.rfm and it generates a new one.
    Something is preventing the .rfm file to be included in the virtual mod/RaceEvent/Server mod. (It has many names)

    RaceEvents are created by many server admins on a daily bassis. So it's working for many others.

    But never the less: problems need to solved.

    I think it's best to write down your problem in the rF2 technical support forum: I can only hope for you someone can point you in the right direction.