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Create Mountains as horizont.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kmikiwi, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Hello!... quickly... How can I create mountains that looks near to the track? texture? 3d modell? ... something like the picture... any ideas?? .. thanks everyone!!!!

  2. I used a combination of Blender and 3DSimED
  3. Thanks, but... that's not the way I understand to make it hehehe.. I need to know something about process to make it!
  4. You could use an image with transparent sky on a tall wall, but that doesn't look very realistic.

    I ended up drawing the terrain out a fair way and sloping it up, and then used a Google Earth image of the slopes as a background image for the material. That worked pretty well.

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  5. I used to build terrain with big polygons (non collide and non drive) and raise the last ones (or more before to have nice shapes), fill the "mountain" terrain with any light texture (could be even one color 16x16 pix) and then mix everything with background image to 100%. Or you can draw a distant track below the eye line, switch it of completely (even from rendering) and build high terrain from there. In this case you don't have to count which polygons should be higher or lower. I don't know about making objects still. I hope this helps :)
  6. chub,
    I think I can use your idea as my track is basically on a flat island with the main terrain being in a semi-circle at a good distance from the track. So I already have the underlying Google Earth image in BTB as a "map". My question then to your suggestion would be- how do I best create terrain out from the track as the terrain base in the distance is a good 1.5 to 3.5 miles away? If I fill terrain in from the track to to mountains isn't that going to kill my frame rate?

    PM me and perhaps we can work out a solution together.
  7. Hey thanks everyone! I'll try to use every of your suggestions to create it.

    @Kohnboy of course we can do it and give to the public an idea of how to do that! :D
    let me to try something by myself and I'll tell you what happens.
  8. Testing....

    Hi!!. well, after some job I got it this... I decided by create mountain in 3ds max and then import it to the BTB... so here is how it looks!!

    rFactor 2010-05-24 21-55-54-00.jpg

    I'll try to do it modifying terrain track how ch
    ub_pearson tell me, I'll show you result after this!
    then I think we can choose the best option!! :D
  9. Hey, this looks quite impressive! :)

    I have been trying to design a background for my current project... tree's are becoming a bit long in the tooth so would prefer something else instead!

    Do you think you could do a "step by step" process showing how you made mountains like this! :)

    Looking at the previous posts, theoretically I can understand it, just would prefer some pictures just to ensure I don't go off on a tangent!

    Thanks :)
  10. You can also attach it to the skybox if you want to. Just add the instance into the skyboxi entry

    MeshFile=Sky.gmt CollTarget=False HATTarget=False
    MeshFile=mountains.gmt CollTarget=False HATTarget=False