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Crazy going-Ons in online races

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by King_Crud, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. I was just doing some quick races online and I had two races where something weird happened. There was a fellow racer, who's car was almost permanently ghosted, that would be constantly flying off the track and reappearing up ahead. At one point at Monza at braking for the first chicane the ghost car suddently flew 100 feet up into the air, i went underneath and then it reappeared up ahead of me. It was classified in the race as a competitor.

    What's that about?
  2. Probably severe lag! A little off putting to say the least.
  3. Yeah, last night in a multiplayer sprint, I a saw a car ahead of me make it's way around the entire Istanbul circuit....sideways. Literally. Not enough to put me off but did get a laugh. This game rocks.
  4. its all coz of the lag..
  5. Yup had it last night also racing a french guy. I had no idea where he was in front of me most of the time and made it a nightmare trying to pass him fairly.
  6. I have been having similar experience's of this too and agree it makes it extremely hard to pass when they are ghosted. One experience I had was at Melbourne coming out of turn 4 a ghost car passed through me then all of a sudden became solid and we both lost it. It is down to people's connection's I am afraid.

    Organised race's seem to fair better for this I don't know why, but less if any ghosting in that environment.