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Crash and bug

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by Jonix, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Hi, I was playing and I skipped to the race day, look at this...

    Then the game crashed. Only career mod crashes for me (at the moment).
    It's a shame because the game is great, I love the physics
  2. I launched the game via the x86 launcher, everything works ok
  3. Oh oooh! Bugs? Hey!
    1) In the garage when I talk with my engineer and then I press "start race" it open the pause menu.
    2) In career the AI run 4 second faster in race when you can't see them (!!!)
    3) Sometimes you can't exit from the game. Yes, there is no more "do you want to exit" button, I have to do an alt+F4. It's completely randomly.
    4) When I play offline races often I can't upload times on leaderboards.

    I hope for a patch as soon as it's possible.
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  4. How were you able to launch it with the x86 launcher?
  5. Yeah I agree with point 2, AI is fast enough in quali and free practice, but it goes 4 seconds faster during the race. It's hard to choose the right settings.
    And sometimes I can't exit the game either.
    I think they'll be able to fix these things soon, at least I hope so. The AI and the meny problems are so annoying. But I'm happy to give them time because the physics are great, I love the handling and they didn't have a lot of time to work on it.

    @slider916 I've got two launchers on my desktop and in the game directory: Motogp 14 (x86) and Motogp14 (x64)
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  6. I have major FPS drops in Moto3 races, yes, just Moto3 and just races. Other categories works fine. I always must shut the game down from the task manager, it wont let me shut it down normally. And that thing from the picture above happened to me also, couple of times. This game has a lot of bugs
  7. Lol, I have this as well, sometimes I can close the game normally but often via task manager.
  8. I got the same graphic in moto 2 rain in qualifying went to race dry course sepang right after start of race the track the track does this. Oh yeah ps4 boxed version
  9. hello to all the boys. I motogp 14 for pc, and apart from the dlc that wait for bait to unlock Moto2 and Moto3 riders (which does not make sense to lock in my opinion!) I have 2 big problems: 1) I do not save the buttons on the controller if you exchange them, every time I go back I have to pick them from the game and still changing. 2) the esc key does not make me quit the game! I always force the output to windows. you also have these bugs? let me know, thanks
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  10. rkh


    it's a known issue. also needs to be addressed by Milestone...
  11. realitychecked


    The game actually exits. If you're using the controller just press the B button, or if you're using the keyboard use the ESC key, or try Alt+F4. I don't have any problems with controls, everything works fine.
  12. rkh


    After starting career mode this happens. at first everything is fine. once you load your career, it's over. no more exiting the game...
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