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CPU Agression, Errors, etc.

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by franqito10, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Hi guys!
    I've been meaning to ask you. Is there a way in the database to increase agression and error probability?
    I play on legend, with assists and whenever the cpu is trying overtake me with just a little bit of weaving, one or 2 moves, they just back waaay off.
    And the other thing is, why does the cpu almost never makes a mistake? Like they go full agressive attacking the kerb and never spin out. And if I try to follow closely and do the same, bam! I'm backwards in a could of my own tyre smoke.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm an ok driver, since I'm on mclaren for my second season, I have good pace and nice handling but sometimes I make tiny mistakes and yet with one defensive move the AI can't even pass me on the DRS zone.
    So, any way to change some values? Has anybody tried this?
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  2. I agree with you.

    The AI are just too cautious, if you stick to the line and drive at a reasonable pace they never pass or try to out brake you. Sometimes It looks like they might dive into the corner underneath you but in the end they just back off very early and fall in behind.

    I would love to see a more aggressive AI in the game
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  3. i agree, too. that's a point, which is a bit annoying when playing f1 2012. the braking behaviour of the ai is really bad when they are leaving the ideal line. result is, that they can't overtake me in curves, maybe only with drs on straights.

    i just put the aggression to maximum in the database.bin, but there is not really a difference regarding the braking behaviour.

    it would be great if that can be adjusted in the database.bin.
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  4. I edited The driver_config.xml in The ai folder with help from a topic at The 2011 mods section (how to make an ai-mod) and The ai cars are overtaking me in corners now. :)
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  5. Please share what you did or post your file. I tried a couple of tweaks but sort of gave up as I didn't getting quite right:(
  6. I Will upload my files as soon as I'm at my pc.
    I'Ll send you a message with the link.
  7. Thanks:)
  8. remydeleeuw
    could you please post the link here in the thread. im very interested in this driver_config.xml too. maybe you could create a new thread in the mod section. i think many people are interested in such an adjustment.

  9. I'm at home this evening and will post the link . When you think it makes The ai better , then i'll post it at the mods section.
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  10. Hey, here is the link.

    I changed three files.
    ai_driver_config.xml: for more overtaking
    ai_handling_config.xml : changed this line to : <corneringAccelerationCoefficent float="0.20" />
    for ai cars not to lap extremely fast when out of sight
    ai_vehicle_config.xml : set fueleffects enabled to true (just testing if this works)

    Download link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/20861065/ai mod.rar

    All credits go to: Kristian Nenovenov

    for making this tutorial: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/guide-how-to-make-an-ai-mod.50760/

    Let me know if it works. (it works for me :) )
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  11. thanks.
    i will try ...
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  12. thanks i will also try :)

    everyone post your findings?
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  13. Yeah. Everyone who test this post your findings. Maybe it needs to be adjusted a little.
  14. Thanks for your work, first. Ok, your modifications don't work well at the moment. That means the AI turn to fast in the corners an missing nearly every time the apex. So the result is that the are even slower as before for the moment. They defend their position a bit better but they don't really counter if you overtake and miss the apex. But all at all they don't pass me in a braking zone. I will work now for the breaking points. They should brake later and so the whole pace will be better. Looking for your next update. ;)
  15. Did you changed something in the database or ai track files?
    Because I didn't change any breaking points.

    But I've made some little changes.
    Test it and let me know.

    It's not easy to mod some files, So RESPECT for all the modders out here, and maybe iff some of you wan't to try it and can tell me what I have to modify to make it better.
    Then I can try to make this work properly :)
  16. A litte correction by myself: At Abu-Dhabi for example your files running very nice. I had a very hard batte with a Ferrari for the lead over 14 laps. At the opposite Hungary is a track were your mod make the AI slower because they miss the apex.
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  17. Yes for you're right. I know that you don't change any braking points. Furthermore I will do this now and also corner speed because I've a lot experience in that from last year game.
    I can send you a few edited track files if you want. But at the AI files I haven't really experience.
  18. Did you made the canges before you tried my ai files?
    I use the original ai_track files and don't have the ai overshooting their braking points except at the tracks they already overshoot them.
  19. I've tried Hungary and the AI is very strong and almost never missed an apex.
    The only times the missed one is when they are slipstreaming the car ahead.

    Myself missed them a lot because I was focussing on the AI :p
  20. Curiously, I use a clean game without any mods and only your edited AI files for the moment (including ORIGINAL Hungary track file) and I beat there the AI on the absolutest difficultly with all Sim Options on for more than 20 seconds after only 18 Laps. Because everytime they miss the apex and left the line at the cornor exit. I follow a few drivers many laps. For me it is more playing with them than battle. But at Abu-Dhabi it is very nice.

    I hope I can get you tomorrow a few edited track files (probably Hungary and Abu-Dhabi).
    Believe me, you will feel a big difference at the whole AI pace. ;)
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