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Couple of Questions

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by malloc84, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Hi. I'm new to the game. Well, I am playing for 2 or so weeks.
    Anyway I am playing career and I have a few questions.

    1. Is it worth playing career at all? I looked everywhere and there are no actual benefits. Only trouble and misery. I now just BARELY broken 1.26 at Spain and then I went to TT and in first lap 1.22 with McLaren. Is it better to just go with Grand Prix and enjoy rather than waste time on career? I can learn tracks in Grand Prix also... Here I just pain.

    2. I like this game, I think I might buy it so you might guess what version I am playing. How is multiplayer organized? I mean, I can't figure out how qualys, races and all are organized online. If there is a link where multiplayer is explained (I looked) please provide or tell in few words.

    That's it. And an offer: I am in reverse engineering business so if any moder needs a deeper look into some file, PM me. I really like the mods but currently I am playing without any because I am trying to modify the drivers order in the race (put atleast first 10 on the screen).

    Thanks in advance.
  2. TT and GP modes are totally different to career, being in the position you are in you should know that TT & GP are easier due to their individual variable's.

    Career is the game part of the game and the only satisfaction and need to do it is for the immersion and enjoyment, which is usually more if you buy a copy and have the satisfaction of knowing what you bought is your's. From your point of view you can take it or leave it so you need that sort of opinion which you will not find here as the majority have original copies (I hope and assume). Try reading the manual that comes with the game about multiplayer there should be one in your crack as a pdf format, it all works the same as in career.

    And IF you can RE ALL these files please post them or send me them as about 20% have not been opened and I cant figure it out either.
  3. Career is a waste of time, you can really beat the AI even on legend difficulty and it is not challenging. ( i only played season one just for the achievements)

    Same for GP, no point in playing other than learning the circuit.

    You need to play online MP , this is what it is all about, playing agiants the AI for any game sucks and is retarded. In online MP we can challenge other people from the world who are good/excellent/bad/worse etcetera (Yes of course , there are some who keep crashing/bumping along the way, thats just a part of the how any game is played online.) Live it up and play MP , not career or GP.
  4. If you got this game.. i suggest you play the career..
    I mean Gp mode is ok.. but TT mode is so unrealistic.. you can lap some alien times in TT mode.. play the game in most difficult mode possible with all assists off.. and the career will surely be fun.. play atleast 30% distance..
  5. Agreed Fahad, all assists off and at least 30% race distance with legend AI is tough enough. Try beating the AI in a HRT with all assits off, all sim's on and legend AI starting from the back of the grid at 30% near impossible !
    When I hear people say 'I beat Legned AI in a cardboard box going backward's with no engine' I seriously have my tongue in my cheek and think maybe one or two but this many, mmm 'ASSISTS' & 'NO SIMS', the reason I come to this conclusion is because you can whoop Legend AI with assists and no sims the other way around is very difficult indeed. You can also kick their ass with sim's turned off and assists off too, it all hinges on the sim's being on if they are off the AI are easy to beat even legend.
  6. +1 ...
  7. Thanks for the replies. I am going to the store today or tomorrow to get a copy. It is worth it. I just played "this" version because I wanted to try it. And since I buy games (have 12 orginials just from end of last year to this date) I think F1 is worth it.

    Also I know the difference between TT and rest of game. TT is "Everything Perfect". But I just went ONE lap and did 1:22. So even if I did drive McLaren or RedBull in real race I think I would break pole or atleast 2-3. Depends on errors.

    And yes, I am playing with all assists off except I have a racing line for learning tracks and traction to medium. When I turn it off I spin like crazy. But I will turn it off eventually when I learn all tracks and get better in driving. Also, all Sims are on. I once tried driving with brake assist. I almost punched my monitor. AI is on Professional. I kinda figured Legend is unrealistic. But I'll try it.

    I just wonder does AI have same damage/fuel/tyre effect as I do. As I looked through the files, I think not. At least damage part. AI will go fix the wing but it doesn't affect him in the corners.

    And fear not about AI. I am working on a mod for it. But it won't be like any other. I got delayed because of holidays but I think it should be finished soon. For example now, AI is not "stone dead, every race 1,2-RB,3-4-ML,5-6-FE or some renault. Vettel is WAY overpowered and Webber is not so far behind him. But now, McLaren can get pole in any race and Ferarri has a chance too. But also it may not. I watch formula one alot but I would still like to know real stats of the drivers so I could tune them properly because there are surely people here who know a lot more than me about the drivers. But, that is what is testing is for.

    @David Kaye - what files you need opened? Or atleast, what function of the game? Because, MANY functions in the game rest in some file, but is controlled by the exe. So if you don't modify the EXE's assembly, your mod will not work or it will cause crashes. I managed to modify all files I needed for my AI mod, EXE and some others I just explored.

    Anyway, I will open a thread in MOD section when AI is ready.
  8. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    For AI, Red Bull got poles in every race apart from Canada which was Hamilton. That should help you on qualy pace.
  9. I generally agree with your post, but most of the time these guys are not in the back with a bad car. You can qualify fairly well with a bad car at Legend. The AI at most tracks (without mods) is poor, and the car feels a lot less "weighty" when racing under 50% distance, so it's easier to handle as well. I can see people winning with bad cars at certain tracks because of the poor AI (Hockenheim, Montreal, Turkey, Australia, Bahrain, Valencia, Spa, and Abu Dhabi)
  10. try beating the AI in catalunya. its a pain..
  11. The problem isn't with Catalunya, it's with practically every other track :)

    If Catalunya's AI was the norm, no one would complain about the AI being easy. It's just that the AI balancing in this game is atrocious. For every Catalunya you get a Montreal or a Valencia.
  12. As I am still in Catalunya (don't know further tracks well), here is a Montreal video with my AI on Professional. Tell me any observation you see is different than regular AI or any other.

    It would be great if I could spectate races. Then I could test it uber well. But since I must drive... well, this is my first time driving Montreal. There is no corner fix or any other mod.

  13. I gave up playing career very early on -

    1 - because my saved game got lost and couldnt be bothered with starting again.

    but mainly

    2 - I dont get anything from racing AI any more. Been spoilt over the last few years with being able to race online. Theres nothing better than trying to be quicker than real ppl, thats where i get my kick from.
  14. +1 chris...