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Could we get a sticky for...

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Tomas Torasen, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. I thought I'd ask if anyone one here wanted to join me on some casual online races tonight with different cars and tracks.

    Maybe we could have a sticky for it, to collect people who wanna get together even more casually than the club races.. ? Dont know if it's a good idea, but for me it would be ;)

    First one out could make a "RaceDepartment casual daily races"-server or something.

    I would really need to get introduced to all of the tracks, many I didnt ever race on. The Abarth would be preferable over the KS2 then =)
  2. the available RD racing servers are in common with all sims running here (RACE/F1_2010/RBR/GTL/nKpro/...) so for each sim the relevant slot is available only in some day(s), for our club that day is wednesday
    so unfortunately we can't satisfy what you're asking

    anyway a poll to decide wich car use in next clubs would be opened, my opinion is to alternate cars type and extend calendar visibility but this asks more work from me and Bjorn, we'll discuss on this soon by private chat

    hope this proposal will suit most of you, and you too ;)
  3. That is good new stuff, Alessandro.

    I didnt mean though that RD staff should get the responsability to host servers for us every day in the week. I'm talking about a thread to comminicate between members and get casual races going online.

    Maybe there are people like me sitting on here and feel like doing some nice races online one evening. It doesnt have to be more than 2-3 people to have a race. Then if those people have a place to communicate publically it's easy for one of them to just host a new server for that specific time.

    Last couple of times I checked the online servers, many are empty and the tracks dont vary much, like 3-4 tracks over and over again at most when I've checked.

    Anyways. If anyone here wants to have a casual online racing buddy, I'm buddy-free atm and open for it ;)
  4. A poll would be great Alessandro in the future as i really don't like the way the KS2 behaves and feels hence why i have not raced any club races lately. But at the same time i understand it's a new car and most love it.
  5. I would ceratinly be interested in this Tomas, especially if it includes the F1800
  6. sorry for misunderstanding you :D

    let me say that if you name your server as told above you'll collect RD drivers without open any topic, so let's go mate, green line from me for your good idea :thumb:
    the main issue about private server is that nKpro is hungry of upload band, anyway a typical line can accept 3-4 drivers as you are aiming to

    by the way, remember to advert our club and champ :wink:
  7. in particular for the coming Osella (WUUUUU UUUUUUUH :D) and muscle GT (YAHOOOOOOO ! :wink:!) :thumb:
  8. I'm happy to practice the F1800! How about Spa, Road America, Silverstone or some track with a little more width like on those..

    I have 100mbit down and 20 mbit up I think, fiber broad band.
  9. :bang:incredible !!
    so you can manage a full grid !!
    just a tip: try to start a server allowing all cars, I think it's possible, so anyone can enter with his favourite car and have fun :bang:

    anyway guys, remember ore beloved group and don't disperse elsewhere :rolleyes:
  10. Well I wont be racing any KS2's in my Abarth, thats for sure ;)

    And this is not to take away from the club races. In previous games I had a big group of people that I had races with about 4-5 evenings a week =) In this game I managed to get only one to join. I like to mostly do offline practice, for lap times. But when I'm bored with that I need to relax between with casual online racing to not get bored with the game completely. Two club races per month (is it?) isnt enough on it's own for me, but it's perfect to have something to practice a little extra for like it is.
  11. ahahah indeed
    one race a week, depending on personal issue etc
  12. Hi I'm new to netkar-pro so I hope you can help me along
  13. ABSOLUTELY YES :thumb:
    we are here for this
    first of all became licensed member here and than sign in for our club
  14. The GT car looks amazing and that is the one i'm waiting for. Regarding the Osella, is it gonna be possible to race that on the other tracks, or is it gonna be restricted to the hillclimb?
  15. all cars are available for all tracks