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Could motorcycles be coming to GT5 in the future?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Kevin Watts, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. This article at CVG is heavily hinting that may be a possibility. Kazunori Yamauchi had this to say in the latest issue of PSM3 magazine:

    Polyphony Digital released Tourist Trophy on the PS2 in 2006 and the game received many good reviews as well as picking up IGN's 'Best Simulation' in their 'Best of 2006' awards.
  2. Fingers crossed, the original tt was epic, but it would be nice to just get GT5
  3. I sure as he'll hope not. What are you meant to do when your racing cars then you race bikes and your using a wheel. I think motorbikes in this game will just be a stupid idea.
  4. Quite simple, use the joypad to ride the bikes. The joypad worked well for Tourist Trophy.
  5. I considered a while ago that it would be great if I could race cars UP AGAINST bikes, or at least on the same tracks, in the GT series.....
    until Tourist Trophy came out......
    Sure it looked pretty, but I'm sure they made it handle SO woefully that people (just like I did) gave up & went back to the cars!
    Then I got onto the Jester Interactive's TT Superbikes......
    OK,so it's not the same tracks-but it's got the IOM- & maybe it's not as pretty as any of the others, but the FEEL is way more accurate than any other motorcycle sim I've tried!
    Give them a go back to back & see what I mean....
    So, I believe, that IF they're going to include bikes, then the first thing they should do is sack the old physics crew & start again.
    THEN they should make sure that no-one 'fiddles' with it in the final stages so that the games AI or whatever it is DOES NOT hinder the bikes handling to so that they end up going around corners slower then cars-so slow that in the real world they'd be falling over!
    If they can manage this then I could be interested & I'll comeback to the GT family......until then I'll stick to rFactor & J.I's TT Superbikes, but Im watching out with interest.....
    AND, if it's possible, bikes AND cars together, at the same time on the same tracks.
    Thinking about it now & I'm back thinking about a GPz900R against a 911 from the early 80's around Nordschleife.......now THERE would be an epic battle!
  6. Just imagine the SLS AMG hitting a bike at one of the bends & the biker goes flying as in Roadrash & then again runs back to race!!!! :p
    That would give cars a tremendous advantage!!!!
  7. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    TT Superbikes is indeed awesome, i just wish they would update the presentation side of things and introduce online play if they make a next-gen version.
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I can drive a Ducati in Test Drive Unlimited fine with a steering wheel :)
  9. yeah but it cannot be super realistic, imho what sets a bike apart from a car most, is the way you use your bodymass to steer the bike, or do you have an extra joystick on your steering wheel which controls the body? :p
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Ive tried moving my upper body from left to right, but that didnt help :)
  11. When using bikes on TDU, I always switch to automatic and use the Shifter paddles for Throttle/Brake. It feels a bit better, but still not right.
  12. loool Bram

    Actually a lot of people who dont play games often, are playing with their whole body if they are holding a controller. I remember my dad trying to steer pushing the controller left instead of moving the stick xD
  13. GT5 mixed with "Tourist Trophy" would be awesome :)

  14. sorry mate i don't agree, i play gt5p with a dual shock, i don't even use the stick to steer just the directional buttons which in itself is not "realistic" and tbh it doesn't matter that i'm not using a wheel it's how you compute what you are seeing on the TV which makes it realistic, i'm sure Kevin and Rudra will vouch for how quick i was with the ds when we used to do the weekly gt5 hotlap:wink:
  15. That is not what I mean ;)

    I mean the fact that in reallife you are steering with your mass and not your hands, we cannot simulate it corectly, same that we dont have G-forces with a wheel.

    I didn't say you cannot be fast with a controller or that the sim gets less realistic. There are some guys whom I did endurance races with and they where just a tenth slower than me ;) I guess it is preferance and training, because Ryan Callan for example is slower with his wheel than with a controller :p
  16. Gday Ben,
    I agree with the 'Joypad' versus wheel.....I personally prefer the 'pad.
    But the body mass thing?
    I think if you really analize how you ride then at best you might be using bodymass alone for steering a bike of any sort, whilst seated, is about 50% of the time & it's only at low speed that we steer by pointing where we wanna go.
    It's the hands that initiate the turn by steering briefly IN THE OPPOSITE direction which through gyroscopic's, blah,blah, blah,the laws of phyzkics, blah, blah, jommetry- causes the bike to tip in......it's still the quickest way to flip-flop from one side to the other or just to drop in to a corner at high speed.
    It's just that it happens on such a small scale that you rarely notice, I only figured I did it when riding at 10/10ths until I rode a '69 T-120 Triumph-this was no speed demon!- even at 50mph/80kph, if I tried to use body mass alone, it just sailed on strait ahead....I HAD to use the opposite bar technique.
    Not long after that I did a couple of superbike schools at Oran Park & Eastern Creek & THAT opened my eyes up!
    I'd dare anyone to try turn1 at the creek flatout (180/200kph) with body mass alone!
    Then when I thought I'd mastered that corner the instructor went round the outside of me with 1 hand on the bar waving instructions,
    my ring DEFINITELY cut a washer out of the seat!
    So, yes the body plays a large part, but please dont under estimate the hands.
    I know this is a bit of a spiel but Im just trying to dispell a quasi-myth not have a shot at you.....
    Have a read of Tony Foals 'Principles of Frame Design & try it on a pushy.
    Sorry all about the space hogging & best of luck!
    Bram, you've gotta use the WHOLE body when hang'n of the lounge....and get that knee out too!
  17. Gday Ross,
    Jester Interactive did update it twice & I have them here but it was never imported into Australia.
    I had to buy them from Amizon in the UK.
    They weren't that much better, grafficly speaking, but the physics are better, the AI competitors are harder to beat & best of all, there are more tracks!
    The second one was basically more tracks & a range of older bikes, it's subtitled Legends.
    The third one is subtitled Real Road Racing Championship & is the one with the more noticeable improvements & has one extra track over the Legends release + the bikes are more up to date- '07/'08 models.....it cost nearly $100 Oz & took less then 7working days to get here for the included postage!
    I thought I'd have to get a PS2 from over there as well but it seems theres no regional coding on these besides it being in PAL format, down here, with games & DVD's we're region4 PAL.
    The first one was released down here back in '03 & cost me $74 & took a local store close to 3months to order in!
    Being a life long IOM fan, I figured I got a bargain with the two later ones!
  18. I'll buy a PS3 if bikes end up in GT5.I hope the physics are like SBKx.
  19. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    Yeah Lee I have 'TT Superbikes: Real Road Racing' too, and i was trying to say that presentation-wise it hasn't moved on much since TT Superbikes. The extra tracks are good, (especially Ulster & Northwest 200) but the others are a bit too tight & twisty to be enjoyable for me. How good would a next-gen version be though?! I've tried the Moto GP games, plus the SBK ones, and they just don't 'feel' right for me. Nothing beats the feeling of a clean 17min lap round the island!
  20. Gday Ross,
    True, I get you now.
    In fact I feel if Jester could make it for the PC with those physics & maybe make it compatible with say rFactor or someone else's tracks it could be huge.