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Could double sized skins be causing Evo crashes?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Lee Downham, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. I noticed that an event I have had serious recurring issues (complete machine lockups) with is the RDNGP, and lots of others seemed to crash out of the game in last round I did ... so I became suspicious of the skin pack.

    I scanned the RDNGP skins folder and noticed some of the skins there are double the normal size (ie 2.6MB or so instead of the default ~1.3MB) ... and I know some of the skinners double the size of the psd file prior to starting skinning their cars (for crisper effects no doubt).

    Without investigating this any further (ie extensive testing or trawling through error logs), I started wondering about this and post the following question:

    Do or could these large skins cause an issue with the EVO game engine and thus make our machines crash?
  2. Lee, I have had same problems when running other peoples skins but I dont know for sure if that is what is going on. If my friends and I are all running custom skins (I make my own skins and do not do this to them) My friends all run downloaded skins(we share so we can all see them) and this may be the problem. I hope someone who knows see's this. :highfive:
  3. It's a good idea and a strong possibility.

    On the other hand, would you not think it would crash earlier if the skins are too large to handle?
  4. in fact it should not couse problems by random, if there would be a size limit it would crash the game at the point where the to big skins are loaded
    but it is worth a test if someone has a empty customskin folder put in some high rezz skins and see what happend
  5. I have noticed in some of the skins pack there are alot of errors couldn't this be down to it?
    I have still be getting problems without the skins though
  6. it should not cause crashes but it could be detrimental to frame rates, i know in gtr2 you had the option of either high or low res skins
  7. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    well i have many doubled size ( with 500 resolution ) and my game never crashed, before the last patch the render in the car menu was not moving fluendly but since the last patch everything is fine so i seriously doudt thats the problem and like the other said it would have done it from the start of the RDGNP season.
  8. I do the same as Yves the only differance is that I shrink them back down before conversion.
  9. But it has caused FPS issues and has happened all season for me and many others I believe in the RDNGP league - that is why I have my concerns (pity I only just thought of it :sad:)

    I don't think the game engine was designed nor tested to handle these larger res skins, and whilst they maybe do not produce direct errors, they might at some point just be hitting a coding hole and blowing the game engine's final gasket.

    Also ... as a side note, I don't think its fair on the guys with lower spec computers ... 10 or so double sized skins in a pack of 24 cars might be enough to send their systems or FPS over the edge ... a bit like the thunder stutter which had unreasonably large sound clips that caused bad in game stuttering.

    I think might go through and either take out, or at least reduce the size of or replace any "wrong sized" skins from my custom skins folder before the next RDNGP race this weekend and see if I get a game crash still - my guess is that this can only help :wink2:
  10. On our skins the body file for Catherams and WTCC Seats are both 1.33MB, I think actually my corruption\crash problems started before I started using our own or anyone elses skins. I guess the way to find out is for anyone having these problems to remove all Skins and see if the problem persists.

    We are currently racing GTR2GT's or V8's and I don't have any additional skins in for those, maybe this weekend We'll go back to Caterhams or WTCC's without skins to test your theory Lee.

  11. BTW ... I was not talking about ALL Evo crashes, I just meant that they could be one of the causes of crashes.
  12. I had this problem, and by reducing the size of the skins back down to 1.3MB sorted the problem for me.

    It was ok with 1 or 2 skins running, but if I started a race with anymore than 3 or 4 of the 2.6MB skins then my game would crash about 10 - 15 minutes into my race. The more cars I was racing against, the more likely it was I got the problem.

    I have had no problems since resizing all the skins, which is about 3 months now.
  13. I didn't have time to fafff around resizing things last night with skins and stuff so just removed all skins over 1.3MB from my RDNGP folder prior to the final round at Nordy and guess what ... no game crashes ... and even better I landed :third: :shock:

    Can some other people start testing this please??
    ... would be good to see if it is one of the issues causing crashes round these parts - might turn out to be you pikey double sized skinners rather than Simbin's game engine :p
  14. interesting discussion, no doubt.... i can absolutely relate to how this could become a crushing problem when racing on a server with dozens of these type of skins in use... the point lee makes about the thunder stutter was what immediately sprung to mind this end...

    therefore, i'm no longer gonna accept any double-sized skins at events... adhere to the templates, the way they were intended, or don't link ya skin....
  15. Jarrod has posted recommendations regarding this matter over in the skins forums, with which I can only agree.