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Cars Corvette C7.R 1.0

by UnitedRacingDesign

  1. SandroX

    Reiza Studios

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  2. like for more contribute to this sport ; just like to know what is the track from picture.
    thanks for us
  3. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri
    Premium Member

    Looks like Interlagos to me
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  4. ouvert

    Premium Member

    looks like rev lights in cockpit are not set properly? default setup, they are fully lit way before rev are high enough to gearchange and than fall down only 2-3 LEDs .. so basicaly you always start with 90% revlights on ..
    Also to continue witj constructive critique .. FFB doesn`t feel too good compared to original cars or even EEC GT3 mods ... bit too heavy, dampened, lacking some definition we are used to .. but that might be just me ..

    Anyway thanks for mod ... I guess rest of URD is comming in payed version too ? :)
  5. Wow, didn't expect this car to be so dead. :O_o:
    There's hardly anything going on...
  6. Thank you! I noticed the view in the side mirrors are reversed. The left side mirror is showing what is on the right side of the car & vice versa.
  7. Amazing car in every aspects, and what a sound! This is GTLM car, we can't expect much sideways action, but when pushing to the limit and using harder tyres becomes challenging! But the FFB value in the realfeelplugin.ini are set to 2500, what is propably very wrong, these values are there since last update and usually are the values for cars that are not yet release, like the caterham. I changed the ffb values and used in-game (ffb pure+effects 1), did get a very good experecience, just like original reiza content.

    ffb values bellow
    [C7R #]
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  8. VIR here I come!
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  9. Thanks, I'll try these out later, much needed. Would be interested in the author's recommended settings as well. Superb car! I love it.
  10. great looking car, great job on the convert :thumbsup: feeling like driving on rf2 just with a better graphics :D

    cant say anything bad about the ffb, using always pure 360hz and strength at 60 and feeling fine with it...
    but i also have some constructive feedback, looks like the front tires radius on the .tbc need to be changed as the tire is sinking a bit into the ground ;)
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  11. Okay, my first impressions after about 40 minutes at VIR.

    First entering the cockpit its clear that something has been lost in translation. The sounds aren't all there, which is understandable as the sound system must be different between rF2 and AMS. Gear shift sound isn't there, idling sound is lacking from the rF2 mod. Happily the meat of the sounds are still there with that great low speed transmission whine that really sell it that's missing from so many professional developer cars in many sims. If anything though the sounds from the exterior camera sound much closer to the rF2 version than the interior sounds. Watching the car in replay is a treat as the model is 5 stars, even with an animated rear fan, and the headlights are perfect.

    I drove the car without any TC so this is my impression of handling without realistic assists. The car's default realfeel settings, which are default to all mods that don't have custom settings chosen, is pretty heavy and rather uncommunicative compared to Reiza cars. Using @Paulo Gomes FFB settings are much nicer so I recommend trying them. The car feels very planted, very easy to keep on the power. Braking is pretty good too and its hard to lock up unless you're really pushing. When it does lock up its very predictable and its pretty hard to spin the car overall even without TC. Default set up has gear ratios that are way too short any sort of high speed track. Around VIR I was hitting the limiter before I was even halfway through the esses so you need to bump the entire thing up so you're using a lower gear per corner, where you use third you should set it to use second etc.

    Top speed was surprising as well. I wasn't hitting above the 150s even on the long straight at VIR so I wonder if this is set up related as I didn't take any of the wing out to test it or if there's an issue with how fast the car is supposed to go. 150s seems slow for a GTLM car. Also the set up screen shows the Fast and Slow bump/rebound as locked together which I'm pretty sure you should be able to alter separately and can do in the rF2 version. I only tried softs. In 8 mostly clean laps at VIR I knocked the fronts down to just above 80% and the rears were mostly around 90% I think. My lap times were in the 1:48s with lots of time to find. I assume this is not this year's C7R so in 2014 pole was in the high 42s and most cars in the 43s. I'm skeptical the car can match this, but I need to test more to be sure.

    The shift lights do seem to not function quite right and ask you to shift earlier than you should. The comment about the shift up leaving the lights already on blue is to do with the gear ratios though. Widen them and lengthen them and you'll get more normal lights, though it will still ask you to shift too early.

    Overall I'd say its a fun car to drive. Its a bit below the quality of the one for rF2 and this isn't surprising. It will need a few patches to get it ironed out. I plan to drive it a lot more even before those patches come. I'd recommend everyone give it a try.
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  12. Sniper

    Premium Member

    If you are going to put in a thankyou to Renato then I think you should spell his last name correctly:) its simioni
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  13. 3000 worked for me on Fanatec CSW wheel. The original setting feels dead due to being too heavy and too much clipping. 3500 may be a perfect setting for other wheels, but if it feels dead, this is the cause. Car feels equivalent to other AMS cars from Reiza when FFB is set properly.

    Does this car not require the clutch even to engage first gear? Unlike all the other sequentials in AMS, I can just jam it into 1st and drive away.

    Looks like there may be a few teething pains that I am sure URD will update. Overall, it is a great addition to AMS.
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  14. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    RD's 5* rating system working a treat again. Looking at the reviews it would suggest that this car is the mutts nuts. After reading the comments of some of RD's respected and informed posters it would suggest this is nowhere near a 5* car.

    Why release this when the realfeel values are not even set properly and various other basic mistakes?

    Half baked.
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  15. Its not 5* yet but its 5* potential. With corrected RealFeel its going to be easily 4* and with some adjustments it will creep up to its full potential. Its already the best car mod released for AMS that isn't the CARTs.

    Calling this half baked is nonsense. The informed members of RD are saying its far from that, so if you put any stock in their views you can't possibly declare it half baked. Most of the comments have informed you of how to make the first drive better anyway and frankly since when does a mod car release with perfect set ups or realfeel? Often both are terrible until several updates in because people can give feedback.
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  16. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    I just don't see the point in releasing it when there are relatively minor things to sort out.

    Unless a download on RD is ripped or just plain awful then it generally gets 4-5 stars, everyone gets all excited mainly because it is something new. It has never been a indicator of quality for me.

    Why should you have to mess around with realfeel values when they are just plainly wrong.

    It is only my opinion. I don't bother voicing it much these days, think I will just stick with policy.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
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  17. ouvert

    Premium Member

    I wouldn`t say it is that bad .. more like 0.8 version .. I guess it is their first car for AMS (?) so they probably need some time to work on it ..
    And given how good AMS sounds and car feel/physics are it is not easy to go against its standard ...

    to that easy a and planted ride ... it is more like TC and ABS is hardcoded always on.
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  18. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley
    Premium Member

    I would have to agree...hopefully minor issues can be sorted out with an update so URD's cars can feel like they belong in AMS and not feel or sound like an add on (which I know they are)...but getting that consistency with the other AMS content is what's needed....all in all a fantastic effort.
  19. Yes, the FFB is perhaps clipping too much with the current settings. This is the steering arm force in a random lap at Interlagos (when the orange line goes above or under the blue lines, the FFB is clipping). Other similar-ish cars like the Stock V8s show way less clipping. Something between 3000 and 3200 sounds reasonable for the realfeel entry (still would have a little bit of clipping in certain corners, but that's good clipping, unless you have a DD wheel).


    Besides the FFB comment, I don't know, I think the car is way planted. I know it has good tyres and downforce and so on, but still...
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  20. How do you get that visual clipping? There is no clipping app or info in AMS normally is it? I never found anything.
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