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Corvette C5r skins

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bob Hutchins, May 22, 2010.

  1. Hi, I seem to be having trouble getting the corvette c5r skins to show. I have done a skin for the RDGTC but get a default body with my windscreen. I have also loaded a couple of other skins and they do the same. All other car skins work fine. Is there a problem that simbin have cause or am I missing some update or file?
  2. how is your .ini looking as my BVM corvette shows up just fine ingame

    [[[BlackVisor Motorsport]]]
    [[Michael Herrmann BVM]]
    [Corvette C5R]


    <-- thats the .ini i use for it
  3. Michael, here's my ini file, just the same as yours:

    [[Bob Hutchins]]
    [Corvette C5R]
    body=Bobs C5R CHASSIS D.dds
    windows_ext=Bobs C5R WINDOW D.dds
    windows_int=Bobs C5R WINDOW INT.dds
    helmet=Bobs Helmet Type2.dds
  4. take out the helmet it shows not up anyway in gt cars maybe that makes your skin not coming up
  5. ok will give it a try.......
  6. Nope still the same, all I see is the incide car skin & thats with all addon skins.....
  7. :( hmm then i dont know why, anyone else have a clue ??
  8. .dds file is a different name?
    .dds file saved in the wrong format?
    Didn't save notepad file as a .ini?
    Used the C6R body instead of the C5R?

  9. All of the above have been done correctly.
  10. last i could think of are 2 thinks first did you tryed already with a brand new flashy Profile ?? and if that not helps
    maybe delete everything of the game (back up your .plr and your customskin folder) then do a fresh new and shiny install
    create a new profile and add a c5r skin and check if its work, if it will be then copy over your customskins and your userdatas
  11. No need to do any of that Michael, I found the problem. I had the FIA 2008 GT mod installed and after checking it, it too uses a C5R, so I thought this might be causing the problem. Removed the Mod, all now working as it should, few.

    Thanks for putting in the time & effort on this for me.
  12. was me a plesure :) glad you got it sorted