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Corrupt save question

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Daniel Higgins, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, if you have had a corrupt save yet please can you tell me if you had autosave on or did you just save through the paddock menu thing.

    If you havnt had a corrupt save then it doesnt matter.

    PS. There is a bug (shocker!) with the R&D which means if you do some R&D and it autosaves you have a high chance of getting a corrupted save (confimed by Codemasters) but appartently if you turn autosave off and save manually it doesnt happen hence why im asking.
  2. Havnt had corrupt file yet, but thanks for the heads up. Will save manually now. Also R&Ds seem to dissapear, so guess due to not saving properly? Use xbox
  3. I have been asking on Codies forums and apparently it happens with or without autosave if you do R&D so dont do any R&D and you should be fine.
  4. I just had a corrupt save data issue this morning. I left off last night having done some R&D work...

    Yet anther bug that i can add to the list of game wrecking bugs so far. Lets hope they fix this one as its kind of a big deal in career mode.
  5. damn, sorry to hear mate, mine happened after 7 races but at least it wasnt the last couple of races.

    I think this bug needs priority, with lower teams you need R&D. Pitstop bug etc you can at least work around it.
  6. I just got a corrupted save I have only had the game 2 days :( and I was on race 9 :(. I had autosave on :(
  7. I had a corrupt save one of the 1st days I had the game(with autosave on) since then I turned of autosave and I save the game manually after every race and make a backup of my formula one folder in the documents\games folder just in case...but never had any corrupt save issues anymore. So my advice is turn of auto save and do it manually.
  8. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Not sure if this is of any use to anyone, but i found this value in a file while nosying about in the F1 2010 folder;

    With this line next to it;

    Maybe 65536 isn`t enough? And thats why you get things missing from the game and/or corruptions?

    Would someone be able to test a larger value?

    If you would like to play about with this file, its called sdu.xml and its in the system folder.
  9. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    hmm interesting find. Im only 2 races in so I will have a play with it this week.
  10. It has been solved(ish) anyway, if you do any R&D just dont quit to the paddock until you are in Qualifying.

    EDIT: oh, Admin now Dave? Congrats!
  11. I have the same problem ... can i fix it? is a pity to lose the save in the second year ... i'm very disappointed....
  12. you cannot fix but as said before you can avoid it by not going to paddock if you do R&D
  13. Came here looking for a fix, though I may as well just post up that I have experienced a 'Corrupt Autosave' error on booting-up the game this evening.

    I am on career mode and left-off this afternoon, after completing the Practice session at Canada (Montreal - Race 7).

    I had 'Autosave' set to 'ON' and, being as I was with the Force India team, I grabbed all the R & D opportunities AND mid-session press interviews in the paddock.

    I take it this means that I will have to start over with a new season again, or is there a savior out there?! *prays*
  14. i havent had this problem yet but i will avoid leaving for paddock after practice sessions from now on just in case
  15. P.S. I just remembered that shortly before the corruption occurred, I went into the 'Setups' screen to adjust my front wing height, but no number characters were visible on the screen, yet I was still able to move the sliders.

    I then quit the game by hitting the ALT-Enter keys, then clicked the red 'X', to terminate it; hoping that restarting the game would rid me of the missing 'number character' problem.

    It was when I restarted the game that the 'Autosave Game' corruption occurred.

    Either, it is an isolated incident or a pre-cursor to the, at least for me, ensuing 'Autosave Game' corruption?

    N.B.: I have since restarted the 'Career Mode' season anew, and have set-up a folder on my Desktop, in which I place the Save Game folders, after each race!
  16. i also ran into the corrupt issue, had to restart. however, i can't find where it saves my game to? i'm on windows 7, and there is nothing in my documents except GRID stuff in the codemasters folder.

    any ideas?
  17. nevermind, i found it under "my games," just hadn't seen that...
  18. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

  19. A couple of questions for my clarification. Is this happening on all platforms, or just the PC? You said don't exit to the paddock until you get to qualy, but if I'm playing long weekend doesn't that mean I have to play the game for like 4hrs straight? I mean, I would love to put that much time in at a time, but most times I just don't have that much.
  20. i dont think its happening on all platforms cos i just left the practice by mistake and it didnt happen to me i nearly had a heart attack as soon as i did it i thought **** my save but it didnt effect mine thank god but i might have been just lucky