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Corrupt save game fix (sort of)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Dion Button, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. I think everyone would agree with me that the save game bug sucks and it needs to be solved by CM ASAP.
    But in the meantime I have the ingredients to never get a corrupt save game again.

    There are a few things to do for everyone that has a corrupt save game. The problem lies in the practice session (Career and Grand Prix) the game becomes corrupt if you exit out of the practice without moving on to qualifying.

    So when u start the game u can either get a message of the game that tells you your save game is corrupt or either the game crashes (F12011.exe stopped working). When you get that go to your save game folder (My Documents/My Games/ FormulaOne2011/savegame) and open the autosave folder. Once in there locate the GTEHXOSJZ_0 file and delete that then copy and rename GTEHXOSJZ_1 to GTEHXOSJZ_0 so you have both files again.

    Your game should be working again, but(!!!) keep in mind that when you do that u will lose all progress you made the time u played before the corruption began.
    For example. You open the game (not corrupt) and you go in career and you are at Spa. you complete the race and go on the Monza, there you exit out of practice and close the game. The game corrupts and you do the fix. You start the game again and you need to do Spa again.

    So your game is restored again and now what to do to not make it corrupt again.
    Simple, do not exit out of practice without moving on to qualifying.

    This worked for me and I only had one corrupt savegame and after i did this i never got one again

  2. Dont you think the......

    1. start game with keyboard
    2. reselect your wheel
    3.save game and exit
    4. restart game -

    ......method is better? I mean, you dont lose data doing it that way.

    Also, as a side note, I have suffered corruption and it had nothing at all to do with Career or GP.

    Also #2 - there is already a mahoosive thread covering the game corruption, including your fix
  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Also there is the theory that it happens when on tracks where you have had some R&D to do, and that corrupts the save.

    I have had it about 7 times now and lost data twice. I have used both methods (but prefer the one Paul mentioned), but still lost data. I have finished a race, then been put back to Practice 1, and more recently finished qualification and then put back to Practice 1.

    The 2nd time I lost data, I had already disabled autosave, and saved manually. I also have a script that runs every 2 hours backing up the save folder, but that didn't help me recover the data. I am assuming the data is occasionally saved out corrupted, rather than becoming corrupted or unreadable on load. So I am just backing up a corrupted file anyway.

    We had the same in F1 2010, but it never effected me. There was a fix out very rapidly, which I installed anyway, and was available here and other websites. I guess that 2010 fix won't work in 2011 ......
  4. And another instance where the corrupt savegame occurs.. Dont exit the game by ALT+F4 while driving. I lost my savegame like this twice.
  5. I've tried to resist asking, but I just gotta know - why on earth would you want to Alt+F4 a game window in the first place let alone twice?
  6. Because it take bloody too long just to quit out of the game. All games should have exit to desktop available at all menu levels. There are times I Alt+F4 out of the game with no issue and there are times where I exited normally and still had the bug so I can't confirm that it's related. I've also exited without moving onto qualifying and had no issue and sometimes, I got the bug when even I moved onto the race. I think it's completely random and any pattern you may discover might just be a coincidence. And the fact that bypassing wheel selection at the beginning lets you workaround the bug suggest me that it's more related to controllers than how you behave in the game.

    Best thing is prevention. Entering the game in keyboard by pressing enter is the simplest workaround. Just reassign the controller once you're in. No need to unplug the wheel either. But you still lose your last career session so I save the savegame folder after each race.
  7. I got another problem. Now the game won't start when i press enter instead of the start button, and another problem is that i have startet on Valencia 3 times and can't get any further in career.
    Sorry for my english....i'm from Denmark
  8. Laziness would have been a quicker answer. :D
  9. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Nothing wrong with your English my friend ....... and I can't speak Danish, no matter how many times I watch the original Danish TV series 'The Killing' (Forbrydelsen)

    I have never heard of a keyboard problem before, and I only have one suggestion, that might be worth trying anyway (if possible).

    Is it a USB keyboard?

    I was thinking that if it is a USB keyboard, you could try unplugging it from it's USB port, and plug it back into a DIFFERENT usb port. Hoping that Windows would automatically re-install the keyboard usb driver, and the F1 2011 game treats it differently, as a new keyboard device .....

    Worth a try I guess.

    Sorry I cannot help on Valencia, and Valencia is my next Grand Prix. I wonder if there is a R&D task you have to do at Valencia, and if there is a task to do, what would happen if you skipped the R&D bit and just do normal practice laps? ..... again just an suggestion, with no facts to back it up.

  10. Perhaps you should look up the word. It's laziness when you have something to do but don't want to do it. Wanting to get back to work asap by exiting the game quickly maybe impatience but definitely not laziness. And having to go through 3 menus in 20 seconds to get out... I'd call it stupidity when you can immediately get out with Alt+F4.
  11. Me too :D
  12. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    There is a fix for ppl that Alt-f4, im assuming that the issue is the same when you start up the game it comes up with unknown error and crashes, the problem I read is for the wheel your using and all you need to do is the following to keep your game files.

    1.unplug your steering wheel
    2.start the game
    3.exit the game
    4.plug the wheel back in
    5.start the game and reconfigure wheel.

    Just seen its been described i n this thread already nvm.
  13. well, sometimes you tend to Alt+F4 the programs when you're in a hurry. i never did that since the corrupt savegame occurred. But i tried this in F1 2010 for 5 times, nothing happened, no corrupt savegame, no losing of controller mappings or anything like that.
  14. Hello,

    In to 2010, the fix to corrupt savegame it was the flow.bin file and this worked for me, i wonder if for 2011 the fix isn´t in that file to.
    The modders and experts here could check that for me please.

  15. thks!!
  16. Gopher04

    Old But Not Obsolete Premium