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correct set ups in live gaming

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Oscar Luebbert, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Oscar Luebbert

    Oscar Luebbert

    since the F1cars in on line gamin are equal.. I was wondering what should i change in my set ups to be faster.

    i have some set ups that i grab from this page and works fine in on line races.. but. can it be a little tweak to be faster since the car handles better.(if thats the case)

    there are some set ups posted for redbull. williams.. mclaren ..etc.. but there is no set up for equal racing cars..

    thats what I am trying to find out here with u guys..

    i hope I am not the only one interested in this but since we are racing I want to go faster every time :)
  2. Reanimocio


    The equal cars are supposed to be based on the McLaren so use Macca setups.
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  3. TMDoll


    Remember that a lot of setups you find on forums are based for TT mode, so the gearing will be too long for a normal race (where DRS is not available at will).

    You'll also find a lot of setups that feel great but destroy the tyres, so what race distance you do obviously matters.

    For example - I have a load of 'sprint' setups for online sprints. No DRS here so that affects gearing. No tyre wear either so no worries on the setup other than pure pace. Sometimes I'll race a 25/50% online. For these I'll take a career setup and go from there.
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  4. Oscar Luebbert

    Oscar Luebbert

    so.. what you recomend is to practice with mclaren and try the set ups with the load of fuel you need in order to get the proper set up in on-line gaming??
  5. Oscar Luebbert

    Oscar Luebbert


    yes i have noticed that TT set ups dont work propperly in races.

    in your case between the sprint set ups and the regular what differs generally.. camber caster?? balance.. or is different every track
  6. Nick Karshev

    Nick Karshev

    It differs for every track m8.
    Also every car, even in Online racing have different lets say handling or feel.
  7. makemewebber


    I don't know have I permission to give you some advises or not, but let me tell you something about how to set up your car to let you to be as faster as your driving skills allow you to be.

    1. Wings.
    Set up your front and rear wings. It's very bad when RW is much less than FW. You'll get a lot of oversteering right up to destroy your car. But when RF is much more than FW isn't good too. Have balance between them.
    And at fast tracks(Albert-Park, Shanghai, SPA, Monza, Brazil) use low downforce for both you wings. At slow tracks(Monte-Carlo, Youngam) use high downforce right up to 11/11.
    2. Gearbox.
    You have to set up your gears right after your wings. First of all set up your 7th gear. Engine must reach max.revs. at the end of the longest straight. If 7th gear is too short, engine will reach max.revs. very early and your speed for example will be 175 mph, when you could speed up to 185 mph. If 7th gear is too long, dynamic of engine accelerating will be worth and you won't be able to reach max speed as fast as you can(end of longest straight).
    Then 1st gear. Set it up to make steering in slowest turn effectivly. Car must go through slowest turn at max.revs. Then, just then you can set up others gear. And never make big difference between adjacent gears not to allow revs. to go down a lot.
    3. Brakes.
    When you look at track info you can see how brakes wear at current track. For example Albert-Park has high level of brake wearing, so set pressure to low. If wear is low, set it to medium or high.
    I don't know about others, but I never shift balance to rear wheels. First of all when you pull up car, center of gravity shifts to front dramatically. It means that front wheels must pull up more effective than rear. Second: if balance shifts to rear wheels you have good chance to make them blocked. They blocked and lost grip with tar. you start to whirl around your pin(if you played rFactor you know what I mean).
    4. Springs.
    It's easy to understand. Braking goes much more effectivly than acceleration. So FSS must be always higher than RSS. At fast tracks use more stiff spring both rear and front(but front more than rear). At slow tracks set them to soft.
    5. Clearence.
    It's hard to explain. It's hard for me to explain it in Russian, how can I explain it for you in English. I just can say that lowest point of rear wheels must be always higher than highest point of front wheels.
    6. Anti-roll bar.
    It's hard to explain, because of I don't remember about it.
    7. Camber/Toe.
    Distance between lowest points of front wheels must be a little more than distance between highest points of front wheels to let car to turn more effectivly.
    Not same with rear wheels.
    Toe. I'm tired.

    Well, I hope it will help you. but take it in mind, it's just a game. You can set FW to 11 and RW to 1 and you'll set fastest lap. But I always use set ups like I just wrote. Goodbye.
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