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Cornering Technique

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mike McMullan, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. I'm curious which kind of cornering technique you guys use or think is best. I use a slow in/fast out approach which seems to suit most circuits well. What do you guys think, and does your technique change depending on the circuit, corner or car?
  2. Yoeri Gijsen
    Staff Member

    Yoeri Gijsen

    In independant corners should be Slow In, Fast Out, because you want to carry as much speed onto the straights after to position yourself for overtaking, or just generally to close the gap. Entering a corner fast is only a very short benefit (that is the time you win from braking lesser or later), while going in slow gives a benefit untill the next corner.

    In combination corner this might be slightly different with entering, because you approach part 1 of the combination slightly different than you would usually do in order to spoition yourslef the best way possible for the last part of the combination. Again you do this to make sure you exit as fast as possible.

    So Slow In, Fast Out it is.
  3. slow in, slow out...
  4. Fast in, lock brakes and drift past apex, floor it out and oversteer into sandpit. ('#-o')
    (Seems to be popular on the public servers.)
  5. Like Scyp said it is depending on the corner type, and most improtantly what is coming after the corner. If a long straight is coming up after, then slow in fast out, if very shortly another corner is coming the fast in.

    but basically in any case: fastest possible in and fastest possible out with hitting the apex... lol
  6. I would say Slow in Fast out hit the apex every time. Its no good being fast in because your car will be unbalanced for the exit and you will probably miss the apex.

  7. I take a slightly faster mid corner speed, and try to use the throttle to steer me out of the corner, there's a big difference between doing that and sliding out of a corner though.
  8. Fast in drift out...
  9. I Go slow in fast out,but in bmws i am MUCH more smooth compraed to FWD cars as bmws Drift ALOT lol
  10. i do exactly the same as attila said. it all depends on what is after the corner.

    but the most important is to keep good momentum through the corner imo
  11. Depends on following straight

    Generally slow in for long straights and get the pedal down as early as possible.
  12. Usually slow in, fast out. At least Im trying!
  13. Hey hey Mathew, had fun racing against you at Mangy Cours last night. I was the Alfa driver you nerfed into the final chicane. Prior to that though we were having a great battle for 2-3 laps. :) Didn't realise you were a member here.

  14. LOL

    absolutely true hehe...

    I try to approuch slow in and fast out , but i tend to break to late very often .
    I need to get that out of my system ....
    to often missing apex too ..