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Tracks "Coppa Carotti" GSCextreme new track 2014-07-03

Game Stock Car extreme new track

  1. DrKruntz


    stingkokko submitted a new resource:

    "Coppa Carotti" GSCextreme new track - Game Stock Car extreme new track

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  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Any pictures or videos please?
  3. DrKruntz


    OK... I will as soon as possible!
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  4. This track is awesome man. Thanks. One thing, whats up with the baricades in the middle of the track about mid-way through. Is that supposed to be there?
  5. DrKruntz


    Hi Jok3sta...

    Yes, to approximately half route was added a chicane for greater safety of the circuit.
    After the first editions of the race the organization has decided to include this chicane in the middle of the long straight, near the "Pian de Roche" locality, where the speed of the cars involved in the race were highly elevated... also because this is not a permanent circuit but a sloping pretty fast road which leads to the top of the Terminillo mountain (with the arrival in Campoforogna locality at 1.640 meters above sea level).

    Note 1: for further details, see the wikipedia link...

    Note 2: watch this video for real "Coppa Carotti" hillclimb racing...

    Good drive!

    DrKruntz :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2014
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  6. ahh ok. thanks for confirming that. I only asked because it caught me off guard lol. Im driving a long and I see the barricades and I look on the map to see if theres a turn or something. So Naturally I end up crashing. then I realize its a chicane. Thanks again man for the awesome trackes. Just a heads up I noticed some parts of the track that had missing/black textures..
  7. DrKruntz


    Its very strange your issue with missing/black textures along the route... I have tested and driven many times the track before the official release without finding any graphics texture problems!
    Maybe it could depend by your video card drive not updated or the graphics setting in the game.
    Have you updated GSC to Extreme version 1.15?
  8. yes im on the latest GSC. You know what. I think Im confusing a different track. I downloaded 2 yesterday. Im thinking of Glava zete.. Yours was good. Sorry