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Copa Petrobras de Marcas

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jorge Luis, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Any news on this?

    I see in Reiza's official page that they have licensed this championship, and it would be awesome to have those cars in GSCE:

    -Toyota Corolla XRS
    -Honda Civic
    -Chevrolet Cruze
    -Lancer GT
    -Ford Focus

    As far as i know, they run in the same tracks as V8 Stock Cars.

    I absolutely love GSCE cars package, and i only miss modern touring cars like this (classic would be nice too, of course).

    I am still waiting Prototype one, but i really think these TC would be more suited to the sim and league racing, my best times online was with modern&classic TC, i runned with all type of cars possible and those cars provide the more closest and fun races (just watch series like BTCC, awesome).


    PD: excuse my awful english.
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  2. That's interesting news thanks, some modern touring cars would be great to see in the future, where did you read this, I must have missed it on their site?
  3. Here:


    Reiza Studios is a developer of racing games & simulators. A Brazilian company with a staff of skilled worldwide developers adopting extensive research, methodical engineering and the highest standards of digital art as guidelines for the development of projects with maximum realism.

    Founded in 2009, Reiza quickly established itself as one of the worldwide references in the development of simulators and racing games that reproduce the excitement of driving a wide variety of racing machines.

    As an exclusive licensee of Stock Car Brasil ® , Copa Petrobras de Marcas ® , Fórmula Truck ® and Instituto Ayrton Senna, working closely with other big names and brands from the sport, Reiza projects celebrate brazilian autoracing, strengthening its relationship with the fans and promoting it to a new audience abroad.
  4. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Well, I certainly hope they do! Would love to see touring cars in GSC, or even an independent game from Reiza.
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  5. I saw this a few weeks ago and have been wondering what they plan on doing with it.
  6. really hope that there is gonna be some official news on this , this series is awesome !
  7. That's the ONLY thing missing from this game. Some good touring cars and maybe GT? (Hint Hint).
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