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Converttable - Racing Cockpit from a coffee table...

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by TheOptimist, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. After seeing a racing cockpit in an ottoman (which I'm sure everyone's seen) I was pretty keen on making something similar (once I've made my CST pedals and bought a wheel). However I've just seen this one...


    Probably still end up with the ottoman version as the ConvertTable looks a little complex and advanced for my manufacturing skills atm. Also, just noticed it's a little steep on the price front - 5000 euros and I'm hoping that includes wheel, pedals and personal flunky to keep my beer topped up whilst racing :D
  2. Great Ideal....................BUT 5000 Euros..Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You must be kidding lol
  3. I'd go for the Ottoman, to be honest with you. But that is a great idea - I love economic and effective packaging.
  4. Yeah...the ottoman is much more lounge (and wife) friendly solution both in terms of usage and not having to say "Honey, I blew 5000 bucks on something I could have knocked up in my shed" :)

    Hopefully come the start of February I'll have got the equipment for the pedals together and will post some pictures of the progress. That and learning how to upholster the ottoman to it has extra wife-appeal. If you'd have told me at twenty I would have been excited about learning upholstery and sewing I'd have laughed...