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Converting Skins

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by alex0987, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys i was wondering how you could convert BA falcon skins to the BF falcon it sounds stupid but i would like to know if it is possible and how to do it
  2. When the templates come out you may be able to manipulate a skin, but the main question is WHY?? The skins are based on the cars they were attached to initially.
  3. The answer to your question Alex is yes. The BA skins can quite easily be converted to the BF. However the result will be a monstrosity as the BA template and BF template are light years apart in terms of size and postion of body panels. You'd have better success and a much higher quality skin if you built it from scratch on the BF template.
  4. I've included the templates in the patch.
  5. Sorry for a slow reply thanks for your quick answers and yeah ill just skin it my self or wait until someone puts one up on the inernet it was the sbr sp tools racing falcon
  6. Mate, Our plan is to release everything we have in stock, including seasons from 2004 onwards.

    Is the skin in this timeframe??

    If so, you will get it from us anyway.

    We are waiting on the patch as this changes a lot of the car details, so the skins look better.
  7. Will the patch have 2011
  8. No. 2011 is intened to be a stand alone season release.
  9. Cool just like season 2010
  10. When will the patch with the templates come out?
  11. When it is ready I suppose.
  12. I thought it was a fair question. Several of us at ORA are looking at running in a Bathurst event at another community, and it has been stipulated by the organisers it is custom skins, so we are keen to get the templates also.
  13. Very fair question and the best answer I can give you is...... It shouldn't be too far away, the next release has gone into testing, Feedback from the testers is what we're waiting on to determine if the mod is releasable or not.
  14. Really......wow that's great news!!!!
  15. There is templates out Steve that i have used. Use them till the new ones are out.
  16. Where can we find these templates?
  17. so i guess it didnt go well or u havent heard from the testers yet?
  18. Testing isn't just a 5 minute thing nerdv8. Testing is to iron out problem and make tweaks. Then it's tested again and again till it's at a stage where we think we have as many bugs worked out as we possibly can. Physics are the main thing and with physics if you change something it can effect something else. Maybe in a subtle way but it can through out the balance of the car if it's over looked. Off cause physics for the tyres wasn't the only thing that was reported to us from the community that needed looking at. These have been fixed also but still being tested as a complete mod not just as individual items.