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Converting an existing track, to edit it in BTB, possible?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by GTAce, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. I just came up with an idea.
    There are a lot of old tracks which lack details because PCs were slower back then.
    These tracks could be "updated" easily with some new textures and objects.
    BTB definitely provides the easiest way to add new stuff, so that's why I came up with this.

    Is it possible, to export an existing track (with 3DSimED for example) in a way, that the track (road) itself would appear as a path in BTB? I wouldn't even mind to have to add the whole terrain again, but it would be a lot easier, than creating that from scratch.
  2. Im not exactly sure how but there is a way, I think it has something to do with using the AIW Centerline & using it as the route data after converting...
    Ive got a bloke to ask this about (again) as there's a similar job like that that I wish to do soon- Im hoping to add another road...
    Check back at a similar time tomorrow ;)
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  3. Wouldn't it be possible to just use the old AIW, if the track itself isn't changed in its size, shape, etc.?
    As long as the track has a road surface, it should work.
  4. Sorry for the delay & slight miss-lead there, actually the AIW has nothing to do with it:(
    Rang a friend & not sure if I got it all, but....
    You use 3DSimEd to import the track, highlight/select the road section/s then export the center co-ordnance of the mesh as a .kml file & feed that into BTB.
    I think
    Ive never tried it but Im pretty sure I remembered it correctly, best of luck!;):thumbsup:
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  5. If there's no change in the tracks path & location 0.0.0 is not shifted/changed then the same AIW should work
    Also be careful to keep the pitlane road mesh cords especially in this case as changing pit heights could leed to cars either spawning mid-air or partially buried...
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  6. Yes but no. Possible: yes, worth it: no. Much simpler to import a track to 3Dsmax or Blender and update the track with those kinds of universal 3D editors than to convert anything back to BTB source.
  7. Ha, you don't even need to highlight the road sections, it's enough to export it as CSV and importing it in BTB. It doesn't import the track's width unfortunately, but the track itself as a simple road. Awesome.
  8. Forgot to say, thanks go to legendsatlunch for the info above, he's used that method I mentioned before...
    Brain was running a bit laggy last night with all the stuff these Dr's have me on...;):roflmao:
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