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Tracks Convert Le Mans for Formula Truck?

Discussion in 'Formula Truck Mods' started by Rodrigo Vicente, May 25, 2013.

  1. Hello mates, how are you?

    I downloaded the Nordschleife track for Formula Truck and thought SENSATIONAL! Are all to be congratulated. I've had lots of fun riding those brutes!

    But I wonder if there is any project or any idea to convert the track of Le Mans for the Formula Truck or for Game Stock Car?

    It is an amazing track and it would be very cool driving!

    Below is the 2012 version made for rFactor and that is very beautiful and true to real!

    Hugs from Brazil!
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  2. check out Rfactor central because formula truck is built on Rfactor's base they have a lot of tracks also have a look here..
  3. It already exist.