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Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by lordtom, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Hi! I have tried to convert a GTR2 car to GTR Evolution. I converted the model, the textures. I made an .inccar, .cas etc. files, but the car don't show up in the menu. Can someone check the files, what are the problem?
  2. did you convert the gmt's to race07 format with 3DsimED?
  3. Like this:


    Almost every file needs to be fixed... I'm not going to do the conversion for you mate... :p

    First this to do is copy all the files (.inccar, .cas, .cam, etc) from another working car, the edit those with the data out of the GTR2 files... that way you minimize the errors... You can't easily start with the GTR2 and make them Race 07 without knowing a lot more....

    Some things to get you started....

    ModelID can not be higher than 255 where yours was 265..
    .cas file wasn't looking in the right place... should start like this
    with all your .gmt .bmp .dds .tga all going in the Data folder in your ...\race 07\GameData\Teams\Mercedes CLK GTR folder

    your .car needs to only have this:

    Team=\"AMG Mercedes\"
    all the other data needs to be used in the .inccar

    that should get you started....
  4. hmmmm the .car code i added seems to "add" extra \ before the " .... anyways....
  5. Yes, i did it with 3dSimEd
  6. Ok, it's show up in the menu. When i go to GT Pro, Mercedes-Benz, then the game crashes to desktop. :(
  7. hehe.... fun yes :p

    So, you had no sound files included in the upload you linked...

    Now you need to go though each file and look at each line to make sure every call-up file is correct etc and also, you might have a missing texture/3D model etc too... the list goes on... Start by using a very short .cas file that has just some basics like chassis and wheels... so you get just some parts when it loads on track... then add lines back to find any errors in either the line or a gmt/dds etc...
  8. I All !! I'm new of Race Department and i'm here to ask you wich are the basics steps to convert gmt and eventuall texture files fron GTR2 to Evo !!

    In particular i'm trying to convert Lamborghini Gallardo from GTr2 to GTR Evolution..

    I've extracted gmt files from .gtr mas files.. and now i've to convert it to Evo specs.

    Using 3dsimed what i've to do ? Simply open gmt files and save using panel Export -> Race07 -> Save model

    or there is something other ?

    I've done some mods using original files from evo but never converted fron gtr2 !!

    It would be great if someone could help me !!

    Best Regards from Italy
  9. Open 3DSimEd
    >> File
    >> Import As Objects
    >> Navigate to the folder that has all the GMT's that you are going to convert and select all >> Open
    >> Export
    >> Race 07, Race On
    >> Save Objects
    >> done with converting all gmts to Race 07 format... But, you'll find that some need to be in GTR2 format ;) like Mirror surfaces
    >> MoTeC need material names changed on the LEDs
    >> the list goes on :p
  10. @lordtom

    Any news of your conversion?