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Controlling the car

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Rayben, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Hello, I'm new here found this site trough Google. My question is ( I can't find it here or on google ) If I drive the car with the brake assists it's going great but then you will be real slow trough corners, So If I remove the brake assists I can't drive at all, When I make my first turn I already spin, How can I fix this?
  2. have you tried "traction control full" setting?

    which controller do you use?
  3. Xbox 360 controller =) Don't want to spend cash on a steering wheel.
  4. then i can't help you :)
    just turn on traction control and don't accelerate too hard while not straightend up or your back wheels are on curbes.
  5. Well I have all on but not the Brake Assist and when I brake I will turn 90 degrees on the track :p
  6. Hi, edit the file called "actionMapPreset6" located in your F1 2010\actionmap\ directory at the row dedicated to steer left and steer right.........

    <Action actionName = "Steer Left" >
    <Axis axisName = "win_con_xi_analogLeftStickX" deviceName = "win_xinput" baseCalibration = "biDirectionalLower" deadZone = "0.9" saturation = "1.5" />
    <Action actionName = "Steer Right" >
    <Axis axisName = "win_con_xi_analogLeftStickX" deviceName = "win_xinput" baseCalibration = "biDirectionalUpper" deadZone = "0.9" saturation = "1.5" />

    I'm using these values and works great on my Xbox 360 controller :)
  7. It is on the Xbox 360 m8...
  8. are you braking hard into corners or smooth? smooth exits are key jus acc when the car is straight nice and smooth there could be alot of reasons why you spin out acc on the apex often leads to oversteer (spinning) is the TCS turned on or off that makes a big difference also
  9. In the car setup you can put brake strength on low. Then you won't lock your wheels under braking.
  10. When I come in to the corner I drive on the assist line and break smoothly and just drive out smoothly then keep up the pass but it wont work and its liek farewell and hello 24
  11. Not sure where you located, I was able to pick up logitech driving force GT wheel as a refurb for $62. made driving so much more easier. I am using PS3
  12. I have no place for a wheel... since im sitting in a chair ...
  13. The assist line is ok for learning the line around the track but it shows the braking zones way too early. You can brake far later than you would think in this game and that's where you can make up a lot of time.

    Brake late, get off the brake and turn.
  14. Ye but when I brake i slip
  15. Right,

    I drive with a pad myself and have no issues. You basically need ABS on, TCS on Medium or full and learn the tracks. Like the guys say, some corners, the racing line tells you to brake a bit early. I'd recommend that you spend a couple of hours in Time Trial, and try and keep up with a decent ghost. I can get low 1:07's in Interlagos with a pad cos I know the track. I started doing 1:11's with a good knowledge of the track from other games, then started playing with settings to get the car to do what I wanted. Even my fastest lap there are 3 or 4 corners where I could break a bit later, so should be able to get into the 1:05-1:06 range if I string a quality lap together.

    Patience is the key, with a wheel or pad.

    Also, certain corners in the game you will slip at low speed if you even breath on the kerbs, you need to be careful with low speeds as all your aerodynamic downforce is gone and you're relying purely on tyres, those are the corners I have most issues with. Well that and being nudged when online :)
  16. Haha, I was liek buying a wheel, But it is liek im sitting in a chair so how does it work to put the wheel? Between ur legs ?
  17. I've tried a wheel but it was a waste for me as I had nothing to fix the pedals to, wheel on your lap is a pain. Pad is ok if you take the time, all the controls are progressive (i.e. RT and LT) if you can get used to the progressive action on the pad you'll become a lot smoother as you'll learn how to keep the revs where you need them. A lot of corners require you feather the throttle, rather than the power or brakes always being full power or no power, basically on or off.
  18. Ye got the game for 360 to so its with controller... But people always brag about buy wheel this buy wheel that... I alrdy dont have a lot of money and I think F1 2010 is the only game I got for 60 euro xD and then a wheel for liek 100 euro? And for xbox 360 I hear that there is only one good one from MS what costs liek over 100 and is hard to find...
  19. Thats why I won't get one. I have enough fun without it. But for sure its more realistic, and also faster overall, if you have one. I'd rather spend the money elsewhere!

    Its great that it can be realstic. But its still a game. Even if its bloody awesome. With the pad I'm about two seconds slower per every minute on track compared to the top times (but only at tracks I know well). But in an online race, thats good enough to win if you can stay out of trouble. Racecraft is as important as outright speed. You don't need a wheel for the game to be fun. If you can afford it, and have the space to get a nice setup created, it can enhance the game a lot. But not having one isn't the end of the world.

    I must see if there are any pad only competitions as I imagine we're not the only ones!
  20. Ye I enjoy it with gamepad it goes well now a bit.. I restarted with lotus im now 5th and stuck at monaco but going to store need xbox live :D