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Controller setup!?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Emil Praga, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, i just bought an Logitech Rumbled Pad F510, mainly because it has LT and RT that look like some pedals, so i was expecting they would act like pedals, because i need gradually braking and gradually acceleration, but i was very dissapointed to see thats not how it works ( why the hell they made em look like pedals anyway?)

    So im thinking it has to be a way to make them acction as gradually, like the joysticks for example, can someone guide me how to do that?
  2. I think the only way you can do that with a controller is using the left and right joysticks. Buttons don't work that way.

    I tried this on a logitech dual action gamepad that I own, and I ended up using buttons to accelerate and brake, because using the joystick for gradual accelration was just too inconsistent.

    Have a look at the picture below:

    [​IMG]This is how I set mine up: I assigned the right button 1 to accelerate, left button 1 to brake. Right button 2 for KERS, left button 2 for DRS. Right joystick to steer, left joystick to access in-race tyre, fuel mapping and brake bias selection menu. D-Pad to look around me to left, right, forward and behind, and the shape buttons one each for race director menu, pause game, Car status OSD and look behind. Select button above the left joystick to change cockpit view from T-cam to cockpit etc.

    I got tired of not being able to have complete control over acceleration rate, so I bought a cheap wheel instead. Much better that way IMO.

    But if you need to stick with the pad, you can try my set up as an alternative (make sure you turn on traction control if you do), or just keep practising to keep getting better with the joysticks.
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  3. Thanks alot for replying, i have same controller as u, but as i said, bought the Logitech F510 just because of the RT and LT triggers wich act as pedals.

    Eventually my problem was very simple, under the gamepad, their is a small button wich can me slided from left to right, DirectInput and Xinput, all i had to do was slide it to other side, F1 game now recognizez it as an XBOX 360, and their was no need for me to do anymore adjustments, RT and LT act as pedals now.

    Appreciate the gesture of Replying