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Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Adrian Herrera, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. I want to match my g25 wheel roation with the onscreen wheel rotation, i know i can do this by editing the controller.ini file. i do this and it works for a while, but then it switches back to the default 270!

    how can i make it so that it doesnt go back to 270 by itself???

  2. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    i presume your not editing it whilst GSC is running right?
  3. You don't as far as I am aware you do ALL your editing via the Logitech Profiler and don't allow the game to change settings.

    Set 900 in Global then 900 for GSC and then play around steering lock in Game , it will allow you to drive well, no point in having a 900 Deg wheel and only use a third of it.

    The Controller ini is what the game uses as base setting and you editing is then saved in you driver profile, changing the ini will have little effect on you actual driving settings.in Game.
  4. thats right alex, i am not editing while running. i edit controller.ini before runnign the game and it works fine, but next time i run the game it reverts to 270.

    maurie, what i am trying to change is the rotation of the on-screen wheel, not the actual steering settings. i want to match whatever degrees i set in logitech profiler with the actual movement of the wheel on the screen so that they match 1:1.
  5. Don't know if this will fix your problems but you can always try and see

    Edit your controller ini in DRIVER NAME folder
    Delete all presets ini in your Controller folder (GSC/USERDATA/Controller)
    Next time you launch the sim save your new preset in the controls menu

    I was loosing settings before doing this, now i don't have any problems, it may simply be a coincidence but you have nothing to loose trying, never know, it might fix your problem
  6. Instead of deleting those files, edit your presets the way you edited the controller.ini (assuming you have customs presets, if not create one. Don't recall if non-custom presets are there as well and can't confirm it now). The next time you load one, it'll load the rotation degrees you've set in that preset.

    It worked for me and I believe it's the standard behaviour for that config. If it loads another preset, it'll override the changes you made to controller.ini. Hope this helps!
  7. thanks guys..

    i think the changes are undone everytime i change presets, so you might be right antonio... but do i have to add the rotation line to the presets then? or do the presets have a value for onscreen rotation as well?
  8. it's already there, like the controller.ini, you only need to change the value from 270 to the one you want.
  9. When you create a preset you simply create a copy of the controller.ini (including all the change you made in game), so yes, if your presets were create before the initial change for wheel rotation you need to edit them all.

    If you create them from an already edited ini you wont have to edit them after... normally.
  10. thank you that fixed the issue... i forgot the line was in every preset file... it works great now