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Contracts ?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by XxDEUCExX, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Hi, I'm currently in my second season of seven driving for Lotus after not paying attention when selecting my contract for the second season lol and I was wondering if all contracts for 1 year only ?

    Just curious to find out. Thanks.
  2. I am just to finish my 6zh season of 7 and i always got only 1 year contracts. Additionally, i never got a 2nd contract for the same team (top teams) despite the fact i was better than my collegue and won the drivers-champ. But... just after installing the patch, i got my #1 seat follow-up contract for Red Bull. Maybe its a coincidence
  3. I had the same deal on my 7 season career, did 5 seasons before patch and never got a second contract with the same team even though winning World Championship, maybe they changed this in the patch i sure hope so.
  4. They did't change that! Bad
  5. No change. I just finished my first season with Lotus. Turned down all contracts until the end of the season. Only had offers from RBR and Williams left to choose from. Lotus didn't offer a contract, even after winning the WC. And I couldn't stay with them either, I had to choose.
  6. On my 1st season with Lotus, I got offered a contract. I met every objective, practice to race. Though I turned it down for McLaren. lol..
  7. I got offered contracts from my team in s1(Lotus) and 2(Sauber). Even got multiple offers from them as i kept turning them down lol.

    Problem is that when you get a contract with a higher team by beating a rival, you don't always have the reputation level required for them to resign you, no matter how good you did in the season.

    in any case all contracts are just one year, but they can resign you if your rep is high enough.
  8. I could very easily be wrong about this as it is more of a guess than anything, but I think that you need to be sure and complete + meet all objectives in all areas of the race weekend. That means you need to be sure and complete your practice. I simply do a top 3 lap in the practice session and move on to qualifying. (Obviously being sure to complete any R&D that is open at the time.) I then move on to qualifying. I do not know if completing a short race weekend versus doing a long weekend has any bearing on the matter.
  9. I am almost half way through my 1st season with Lotus and have a couple of contract offers, the best being from Force India so far, I always complete all sessions and all the R&D objectives so hopefully will at least have Lotus to fall back on if McLaren don't come in for me :D
  10. I dont know about you guys.. but i've been playing first season now with williams(3 season career) and i've been offered a 9m contract 1st seat driver.. and another contract of 9,5mil again with williams because i declined their first offer..

    and now i got offered a contract by Mclaren and took it, i love how it handles.. i hope they offer me a contract again before the season with them ends... but now i got 2 races left before the end and then im moving to mclaren for the 2nd season..

    but to end this story.. i entered with williams.. and they offered me 2 contracts in the season.