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Contract Offers?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by AlexKrelin, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Hey everybody.

    I have a question on contracts. I'm in a Williams now against Legend AI and doing okay (third in the standings, losing only 9 points). After the German GP a Lotus offer pops up in my mail box. So I thought "Oh, Lotus, cool, I get to drive with Kimi next season". So I accepted it and then it just carried me over to Lotus this very moment, right in the middle of a season. Fortunately, I had my autosave off, so it didn't save.
    Does it happen with everybody? I mean, it is almost 100% unrealistic. Are there normal contract offers like in F1 2010-2011? Or is going to another team in the middle of a season an only option?

    BTW, is there a possibility I would get an offer from one of the top teams? Does the game even allow it (go to, say, Red Bull, right after year one)?
  2. I think I saw one guy saying, that he'd gone to Ferrari for his 2nd season, so I guess getting an offer from Red Bull is just as possible.
  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Look at one of the Steam Achievments, so anything can happen ....

    In Demand - Have 4 contract offers on the table at once in Career
  4. I drove for Williams in my first season and finished 2nd behind Vettel in the championship. I got an offer from Red Bull and accepted for my second season; so based off my experience it seems to be possible to get an offer from a big team after your rookie season. However, I must point out that I drove for Red Bull in the Young Drivers' Test (apparently the team you drive with for the YDT offers you a contract sooner than the other "big teams") and I also beat Mark Webber in the rival challenge. I got the contract offer after I beat Webber (between Korea & India) so there's a good chance that I probably got the drive because of that. Also, I didn't move to Red Bull until the start of Season 2 so maybe if you accept a contract before the halfway point of the season you move to the team immediately. (?) Whether or not this info is useful is for you to decide but this is how it worked out for me ;)
  5. I think the only way to get a contract offer from one of the top three is choosing a rival that is driving for them and beating him and then you will be offered his spot. That's how I got my place at Mclaren.
  6. Speaking of rivals, when will I have an opportunity to choose one? Like I said, I'm at Hungaroring now.
  7. You get to choose a rival after the Belgian GP. You go to the Belgian GP part of the calendar and you can choose from there. Sorry if that doesn't seem very clear, I don't know how to explain it very well :p
  8. Mmm...just completed Belgium. Now there's an exclamation mark over it. I press "Details". it gives me the lap recording and along with "one of the jewels of the season" says "you can choose a rival...". Sorry for the dumb question, but where do I go from there?


    Sorry again, I figured it out. Thanks for your help, everybody!
  9. you mind if I ask, do you know whats the most upgradeable car in career mode?
  10. Looks like its the same as the other years, you get a position if you beat your rival. First season i was driving for Williams, got a proposal from Sauber but i was looking to join Lotus Renault so i didn't signed it, after some time i got the rival selection and i was unable to select Grosjean and Kimi because they were bad at the season so i choose Alonso, after betting him i got a contract to Ferrari, started season 2 in Alonso's place, team 1st and Massa as my team mate, now i need luck to be able to select a Lotus driver as rival. :(
  11. You have a middle-season-transfer window if you don't want to wait till next season. But at the end of the year you get normal contract offers too (that are for following season, of course).

    If you feel it is unrealistic, you just can ignore the mid-season offer.